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Is warm always good?

Is warm always good?

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In case of a cold, it is good advice to keep the little bit warm. However, we are more than happy with this!

Warmth does some good in the following cases:

  • When your body is struggling with laxatives, your body temperature rises, because higher body temperature does not benefit them. Therefore, you do not have to focus solely on the frost-free state, you only have to lower the heat to 39 degrees Celsius, so the body is irate Power of power. If your baby is still 3 months old, then you should start at 38 degrees.
  • It is also suitable for warm pain relief, so in the case of headache and abdominal pain, warming pads quickly relieve the pain.
  • In a bleak state, with a cold start, a cold leg hot bath, tea, soup you can increase your body's blood supply, stimulate blood circulation, and warm inhalation, and infra-luminaires, to achieve local warmth in that part of the body. The cooled part of the body slows down the circulation of blood, which reduces the body's resistance, but also benefits the disease.

In case of a cold, it is good advice to keep the little bit warm. However, we are more than happy with this!

When we do wrong with heating:

    • When the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract swell, they are swollen. You can reduce the swelling by cooling the inflamed area, cold compressing, and injecting cold humidity.
The correct method of hitherto:
  • Place your child in the same temperature as body heat.
  • Cool the water slowly, gradually. Shuffle it together and sprinkle it on your little body. Take about 10 minutes to complete the procedure.
  • Do not lower the water to less than 31-34 degrees.
  • If the fever rises above 39 degrees Celsius, reduce the discomfort associated with the fever by providing adequate dampening, if necessary with a cool compress, and a cooling bath. Don't cover it up the feverish kid when it's hot. It is important to say that, according to foreign recommendations, physical cushioning is not effective enough in cushioning, it is only worthwhile to use it to improve the condition, and only in the proper way.
  • If you have room air. In colder homes, fungi, mites are less likely to develop, the symptoms of mental illness are more bearable, the baby sleeps less, and the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract dry out, and they are more resistant.


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