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An institution for women's health! (X)

An institution for women's health! (X)

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The first Hungarian specialist in childbirth prevention - the G1 Institute - has been opened. Here you can get help with puppy screening, treatment for pregnant women, pregnant women and baby designing couples.

The dreadful event is a positive pregnancy test, a sensation at the first ultrasound examination and a tiny heartbeat of our little fetus. And at the same time, the request goes, "Doctor, is my baby healthy?" Our ultrasound screening during pregnancy is for safety, our genetic screening is at the highest level in medicine, and our 4D Baby Vision ultrasound screening.
Our slogan is: "G1 Institute - Women's Health". However, when examining a problem, we do not forget our male patients. That is why we also provided examination facilities that are specifically designed to ensure the health of the men, thereby ensuring a safe relationship and a happy family.
We hear more and more: prevention, HPV, cervical cancer, STD, genetics. We are hearing more and more about the importance of different screening tests - that's why the G1 Institute was invented.How does the G1 Institute help them?
Preparing for Childhood
We have developed a complex program for pre-screening couples who have children. It is important for young couples to begin family planning in order to become familiar with their state of health and to prepare themselves physically and mentally for this decisive phase. Therefore, it is advisable - after a thorough examination - to develop appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes that will also assist in the healthy development of the fetus.
Examination of causes of infertility and failed pregnancies
The special profile of our institution is the investigation of failed pregnancies. As part of this, our experts will explore the possible causes of abortion in the background, so that our patient-seeking patients can, with the appropriate adjustments, work safely for the next successful pregnancy. Closely related to the examination mentioned above is the examination of all couples who fail to conceive after a longer trial. Is it worth visiting the flask center immediately? Past years' experience shows that 90% of the couples who pass the test will be successful, and the patients will have about one year. 10% of the amount should still be directed to the IVF (flask flask) Center.
Contraceptive Dispensary
In our institute, we put a lot of emphasis on conscious family planning, an important element of which is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. With a wide range of fertility options, we help you choose the best one that can reduce the burden on your body and provide the highest level of safety.
From the 12th week onwards, you have the opportunity to have early fetal examinations. The G1 Institute also supports high resolution (3D) and 4D (4D) ultrasound examinations, which can be performed to detect and detect any signs that may indicate a downward movement.
Genetic screening tests
Filters are further enhanced by the addition of ultrasound filters to biochemical markers. For example, this test is called the so-called "brand-name test", which is typically recommended between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. During the study, 4 biochemical markers of acid obtained from maternal blood were determined, and the evaluation of the results, taking into account the age of the mother, indicates a 70-90% confidence in the risk of Down's syndrome.
Traveling in the 4th Dimension - 4D Babavision
In addition to lab tests and "conventional" two-dimensional ultrasound examinations, the 4D Babavision ultrasound exam is also expecting pregnant women. What does this test offer? Baby's safety and an unforgettable look! This is a time travel benefit where little mothers can be convinced of the health of their baby and their traits are almost lifelike!
Breastfeeding outpatient clinic
It is the most difficult and responsible task of a mother to feed her baby. Luckily, breastfeeding only comes at a terrible moment, but sometimes you need help. There may be two good tips and practices to prevent a bigger problem!
Our ambulance offers the right answer to any question you may have about breastfeeding, with the most important consideration being longer breastfeeding.
Prevention of HPV diseases
The real solution is to seek prevention. That is why the G1 Institute operates a complex prevention program against HPV-related diseases. The two pillars of this are the screening test for vermin and the use of immunization against HPV. In addition to women's screening tests at the G1 Institute, it is also possible to file vaccinations against HPV on the spot. Three vaccines should be given within six months to develop a complete protection. You will need to apply two after the first vaccine application, and then every month, and the Institute will alert your clients by e-mail and SMS.
Sexually transmitted infectious diseases, fungal diagnosis
We operate a special outpatient clinic for the diagnosis and cure of sexually transmitted infections, as well as fungal diseases, so we have a complete examination and therapy.
It is understood that specialized laboratory work is required for the detection of pathogens. When creating our institute, the primary concern was to do the sampling and processing the fastest: no need to remove the test material from the institute. When developing our STD lab, it was also important to include representatives of the tradespeople. In this way, the work of women in maternity nursing is also supported by leather, microbiology, mushroom biologist, urologist, so that we can provide our clients with the most appropriate advice.
G1 Institute
address is used: 1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 74-76.
Tбjйkoztatбs: blue 06-40-200-748,
the website or the [email protected] e-mail address.