When should I say I'm pregnant?

When should I say I'm pregnant?

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Did you find out that you are expecting a baby and the excitement of sharing the big news with others? Or do you just want to keep this secret for as long as you can? Simple: Choose the best time for you!

According to tradition many expect pregnancy 12-13. hetйig, that is, by the end of the first trimester, by sharing the volume. The risk of spontaneous abortion is highest in the first trimester, according to professional organizations, 80 percent of abortions occur during these weeks. The dispute is very difficult to process and the situation can only get worse.When do we say we're expecting a baby? There are times when parents want to tell others as soon as possible that they are expecting a baby, for example, if they have lost a baby in the past or if it is difficult for the baby to fall. And a pregnant mother will only feel confident enough to share her pregnancy with others if everything has been found to be okay with the baby through genetic ultrasound. Others, because of their (quite normal) ambivalent feelings, hide their hopes for a longer period of time, or because they find it difficult to pay attention to them and szeretnйk keep intimate, intimate atmosphere of baby kittens as long as possible.Of course, someone may immediately tell you that they are expecting a baby as soon as the positive test is in their hands. Many mothers are very afflicted in the first few weeks, constantly feeling sick, nausea, fatigue, and if you tell them that in the background, the newborn baby can get support from their loved ones and acquaintances. In some situations, it is also important that the mother tells the story earlier, for example, those who work with hazardous substances and may have to do a lot of physical work and lift a lot.You don't have to tell everyone at the same time! Prospective grandparents or closest friends may find out earlier than your coworkers, but it may also be the other way around. There is no "rule" when it comes to telling others about your pregnancy, it is completely baby. However, it is worth considering, for example, your workplace conditions, your health (which may increase your risk of complications), or your relationship pregnancy may result in miscarriage (via / via)You may also be interested in:
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