Try it out and you will be breastfeeding!

Try it out and you will be breastfeeding!

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Go, go, but not real! What is it that can make breastfeeding more pleasant, frustrating? Check out some of our tips to help you find success!

The benefits of breastfeeding are clear. But it's not only worth it to breastfeed, not just because of it failure is very uncertain, some also question whether your mother is at all breastfeeding to more or less chaps.

Yeah, well, hungry baby

Babies born with relatively high weights are incredibly hungry and may be anxious for the first few days. The solution in this case is not to routinely and slightly hastily, but to try to be together with the little one from the beginning, and to start as soon as possible after the birth, and as often as necessary.

Believe in yourself, breastfeeding will work!

The more often, the more thoroughly you breastfeed from the start, so you are counting on the ease and speed of developing baby-friendly milk before your milk intake.

Come on out!

  • Don't buy the shit, breastfeed early in the night, as the baby turns its head, it bumps, sucking the eyebrow. Don't look at the urb, put it on your chest when you apply. Once in a while, lighten your hungry baby with your breast!
  • You are better off doing the exercise if you do not follow unnecessary dietary restrictions! Get more raw fruits and greens than one, and have rich, nutritious foods instead of snacks. There are no foods to breastfeed during breastfeeding!
  • Breastfeeding!

    If you are breastfeeding for the first time in your life, your nipple has never been exposed to this kind of transient sensation.You can avoid the pain by following these tips:
  • Sit comfortably, support your arm, back!
  • Bring the baby as close as you can, not hesitant to say you hold it. Newly underneath comes a stacked blanket.
  • Support your head, not your head, so that your head can fall slightly backward. This way you can open your mouth to the fullest, even if your chest is pointing above the chest, you can't make it big.
  • Only allow your nipple to get in when you have opened your mouth with greatness. Bring it to yourself quickly as you move your breast up with a quick motion.
  • Come on out!

  • Put on your back and breastfeed! - This is how to summarize the best beginner's guide. Sit in a supine position and lay on your belly with the baby. In this case, х controls the attachment to the breast.
  • Ignore the pacifier in the first six weeks, it is best if possible, as this can lead to poor breastfeeding: the baby will only sound like a nipple tip like a baby sucker.
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