How long does sex take on average?

How long does sex take on average?

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How long does sex take on average? Just like the time the penis spent in the vagina. The University of Queensland psychologist, Dr. Brendan Zietsch, sought the answer.

How long does an average act last?

The practitioner is aware that sex is not only about penetration, but because it is difficult to determine what belongs to the act - hacking, petting, oral indulgence - Dr. Zietsch exclusively for the time that the penis spent in the vagina.He soon realized that he could hardly get accurate results on a self-confessional basis, so he accepted applications from couples who pleaded to stop every act. Lastly, 500 pairs of people from all over the world took the challenge so weekly.
It turned out that the sex lasts 33 seconds but can last up to 44 minutes, the average straight act is 5.4 minutes. The use of condoms does not affect the length of intimate sex, nor does it affect whether or not it is male-matched. However, age is an important factor: older men are less capable of acting.
Interestingly, the country of origin did not bring significant differences, even though Turkish men are extremely quick-fired: 3.7 minutes shorter than a Dutch, Spanish, British case.
The research raises the question of why a lengthy act is required when, from an evolutionary point of view, it would be necessary to inject sperm into the vagina with a single motion. According to Dr. Zietsch, the reason for the relatively long and complicated act is that the penis is "sucked" in by the continuous pumping movement, which in turn is able to deliver sperm and its own junk. Besides, it's a bonus that moving in and out gives you enjoyment.
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