Flu is the norm

Flu is the norm

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The threshold has been reached for influenza-like illnesses, said Tamás Szentes, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources in the country.

Flu is the norm

Home physicians have arrived for free vaccinations. The vaccine received can only have a beneficial effect, he said Saint Tambs, emphasizing that it is possible to inject the vaccine even during the passage. He pointed out that the flu season usually begins in mid-January and ends about two months later. . And the number of people asking for a vaccine is always heavily influenced by the effectiveness of last year's vaccine, he said. baby Room: Flu Symptoms:
  • high fever
  • levertsйg
  • fejfбjбs
  • hidegrбzбs
  • izomfбjdalom
  • йtvбgycsцkkenйs
  • torokfбjбs
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