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Lifetime - after childbirth

Lifetime - after childbirth

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What could be more of an incentive to a healthy lifestyle than understanding certain processes that are responsible for body weight, ideal muscle mass, body and mental freshness?

Lifetime - after childbirth

As with everything in life, it is about a healthy lifestyle internal persuasion szьksйges. Of course, when we search for goals, we tend to think about cooling immediately, thinking about keeping our friends. Or a new, slim-looking wardrobe that looks trendy, confident, and admired by friends. But there may be other goals, and it's important to be clear about them.
The decision is first and foremost thorough цnvizsgбlatnak must prevail. How much did I collect during the pregnancy? What was I like before? Did I feel better, did I love myself then? What am I capable of doing? Is it beautiful, has it been updated? Or may my health also play a role?
The sense of responsibility is also an important factor in the decision, as having a child can not matter how long he / she lives, how long he / she will be fit, youthful and healthy. Any one of the indices can be sufficient to gather all our strength and radically change our way of life.

Solid determination

This would be important only because of the weight loss (we only mention the simple kind, but we always think of a radical reform of our way of life) not a toythat we lose and sometimes we throw. In fact, when we begin to live alive, our organization immediately senses and strives to keep track of events. The part of our brain that is responsible for warehousing is permanently "lost". If you get fewer feeds, you pay more attention to keep your storage space running dry. This is one of the reasons why at least 500, but more 800 calories should be consumed in the wildest of times.
The other reason is that if we do not bring in at least as many calories, our body will lose the muscle and break down bone tissue. This is the worst tactic because bone marrow is not restored at a certain age (after age 27). Also, let's not forget that my heart is muscle tissue, and nobody wants to weaken it? Our brains need color hydration to function, and this is another noble organ that always deserves special attention.
Although our body can work hard on white carbohydrates, it is only possible due to the slower process. The process is less strenuous if we consume a small amount of cereals, rice, toast, potatoes, brown bread daily. Sugar-sweets, chocolates, can be forgotten - as long as we are capable.
If we know that we are going to get a sweet treat once a day, make sure you have some small packaged sweets nearby. It is much harder to stop having just two cubes of a chocolate bar than to stick to a piece of the daily dose.

Let us control the conductor

We can't aim to get rid of the spikes that are picked up during the years in just two months. Tьrelemmel we go further, but how do we get started, what principles do we follow? Our organization is tuned together by the great conductor, the brain. However, you need your teeth for your work, but at least not to be disturbed step by step. If we barely eat for three days, then on the fourth, we will not be able to develop a healthy rhythm. That's why we need ceremonies and more regularly at the meal.
Breakfast should always consist of about the same number of diets, such as a dumpling bun, for which we consume yogurt or a glass of milk. Anyone who wants it can put cheese, greenery, breadcrumbs on the cake. You also feel good about yourself when you start your day with a fruit salad. There are several kinds of food to choose from, but it is not a good idea to have breakfast one day and then starve for lunch. The same is the case with dinner in the evening.
The The conditions are innocent are more important than we think! If you are sitting at a spreading table, consuming smaller quantities will give you the impression of a complete meal. For those who eat fast, it is worth paying attention to the outdoors in particular. Count it thirty to three times. If you always have lettuce, raw or steamed vegetables, there is something to talk about. This can hardly be done with potato chips. It takes time to catch up, and the disease disappears in thirty to thirty minutes, even if you only eat too much green.

Space for movement!

Today, we also know that in our body, a protein of the hormone nature, leptin controls the size of the reserves. This material plays its role from around the age of forty, only to be systematically worked on to create urinary fat stores.
However, we can also influence back-up training in good administration. Exercise, sport is the tool we can do more to achieve our ideal body image. Consider that movement has been an important and decisive part of our ancestors' lives for millions of years. They were only fed when they had killed the game and searched for edible fruits. Today it is all about consumption. Standing at the bus stop, we find that they eat beside us, the street below, the smell of delicious scents luring you, and the cinema's cool place. And we don't have to take any steps. It would be very important for us to regain momentum in our lifestyles.
If we sweat more than once a week, our brains will become accustomed to giving our muscles more energy from now on. It does so even when we are at our desk or playing with the kids. In other words, the metabolism is increasing - which means that we are going to kill more than we need at rest. Of course, this is not enough, but regular exercise is necessary! It doesn't matter what we do.
We need to choose a form of motion at this stage that is megizzaszt. Generally speaking, if your goal is to lose weight, you are exercising more than one muscle group at a time - running, walking, cycling, stepping. If your whole body gets wet, you can be sure that the intensity of your movement is good. For our bodies cool themselves down by sweating.
Whoever counts the heart rate, or possibly acquires a heart rate monitor, can calculate the heart rate reading as follows, with today's fashionable expression cardiophytic trainer: we give our heart rate from 220, our age to 65, working pulse.
If we exceed these values, we are doing a fitness training, which is very useful. Once you get the feel of the sport, you have no idea how to burn fat. Each workout should last for at least 35-45 minutes, as our body switches to jogging only after half an hour, but it continues for a while after the workout is completed. Once you have an ideal body weight, you can alternate between workouts, incorporate so-called workout shapes, and work out with the right exercises to build a more muscular butt, a flatter stomach.
Another result of sports is that during exercise, our body produces large amounts of endorphin, the hormone of happiness, and even our stressful abilities also improve… It may happen that in most people who were barely able to exercise regularly, they develop a kind of "gymnastics". But we can say with confidence that we will only win!
Specialist: Dr. Magdolna Peresa, who, in addition to general medical activities at the Pro Sanita Presidencies, assisted in the design and control of weight loss programs.
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