Go to the door yo! (X)

Go to the door yo! (X)

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Before the little one gets out of your wings, you choose your company wisely. The most important thing is to feel safe, to develop, to spend your days in a healthy environment, and to enjoy the lives you spend there.

What do we mean by security? Of course, you shouldn't accident, losing sight of those who are responsible for it. But emotional security is just as important, as your personality can only be fulfilled, you become smart, you become able to learn, if you feel safe. This security is best provided by the attentive and sensitive caregivers, the small staff and the personalized care. That is, to feel close to the ovis as if at home. In Muki Maci everyday, this is all a "basic service".

There is no better development for this story!

Tranquility, trust, and a diverse environment can slow down your child's development. But we can add, not a little!
"Once upon a time, even in the ocean ... Elek Benedek is a lovely big story of my childhood, whose tales mean more to everything - he tells Gabriella Székely, the daily leader of the Muki Maci. - My grandfather's fairy tale was fluffy, and I read several volumes several times. I believe that this is why some of my soul is left to a child, and my color and magic are a thousand times. I believe and confess that it is not possible to start telling children early, and the more stories they see and hear, the more vivid and expressive their imaginations become. In their first years, games and fairy tales are the most important, and they will have a full and memorable childhood.
Along with many fairy tales and songs, it is a great opportunity for your child to get to know nature from the outside: many outdoor games await the little ones in the garden and in the nearby Várrosliget, get to know the trees, the plants and the seasons. Many greens and fruits are waiting for them at the meal.

The parent is important too

If mom's okay, kid's okay too! Child psychologists should. Muki Maci also focuses on parents on a daily basis: it is very important for us to get to know the different order of the families, the children. Parents can meet every month, discuss their requests, raise issues, and get experts involved. And if you want a memorable jury for your little ones, Muki Maci Csalбdi Napkцzi, Budapest XIV. district, in the neighborhood of the Várrosliget, in a quiet side street.


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