Boy's troubles: to draw or not to draw?

Boy's troubles: to draw or not to draw?

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Sooner or later, the parents of every baby boy will confront themselves with the big question: how and how often should the baby's genitals be cleansed, whether or not to have this baby back when it is worth consulting a doctor.

Boy's troubles: to draw or not to draw?

No wonder parents get confused and can't decide who to listen to. Pediatricians, however, may have different points of view, and personal, practical experiences may differ. Closer to the solution is to clarify the degree of adhesion. A few millimeters of a low-edged succulent is not interesting, it dissolves over time, but if it is larger, it is postpone the solution. My own experience also confirms that in these cases it is not expedient to wait for the child to be much more psychologically intervened despite the proper anesthesia of the foreskin. In some cases, the rarely occurring, similar natural problem can be the adhesion of the small lips, which can sometimes lead to urinary infection due to urinary congestion.

Tight or just sticking?

It is important to make a distinction between physical fitness and adhesion. In everyday practice, only 90% to 95% of cases were found to be adhesive, with no need for surgery. Very rarely does it occur severe nutrition in the newborn, when the lids of the bladder are not visible, and therefore, it is difficult to pee. If this occurs, it should be promptly treated, as urine that is unable to evacuate will swell and cause kidney function and kidney failure.

Just over the age of two

It is time to advise that the newborn should also be returned regularly! According to another point you do not have to back your foreskin even at the age of one, we are writing this up until the age of two. It is to a large extent expected that adhesion will be removed by itself. At this age, however, the glans is large enough to carefully back the skin without bleeding and injury.Many times a prescription steroid ointment with the application and regular backing of the foreskin, the parent can cope with the task himself without having to seek medical attention. I emphasize that the pith is at least as important as the ointment itself. Even if the adhesion is more severe, it is worthwhile to practice ointment as this will make it easier for the child and the doctor as it will speed the probe intervention.

Local registration

If the ointment is unsuccessful, then serious intervention is required. First, apply an anesthetic cream to the foreskin and wait 15-30 minutes for the product to work. In the immediate vicinity, they have been sold Uninsulated ointments which cause complete numbness after 5-10 minutes. Next, use a hand probe or, if the adhesion is stronger, to decompress the foreskin using a button probe.

There's no end to that!

After the adhesion has been removed, the foreskin may be sensitive for one to two days, in which case it should be applied with an anesthetic to the back. If you are out on these two harder days, you should apply a petroleum jelly ointment for an additional two weeks to prevent sticking to the acorn. Do not put the acacia between the acorn and the foreskin, because it is just sticking and can be painful when it is removed. excess potassium permanganate bath also, because the tiny blemishes on the sensitive skin may cling. It is very important that you do not forget to bring back the foreskin, because the acne is depressed and swelling occurs. The easiest thing to do is to have the baby bring it back to himself during the evening. Failure to do so may cause the foreskin to adhere to the base of the glans. Fortunately, this partial adhesion usually dissolves easily.These will also be useful:
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