Back noise is not good for the development of drought

Back noise is not good for the development of drought

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Before trying to teach your child new words, you may want to turn off the TV, even if it only works in the background.

There is no good in deaf development while a child cannot read, so he learns new words to hear from his parents as they speak to him and read aloud to him. At this point, it captures the sounds you hear in the words, which is a very good basis for learning, developing deafness. However, it turned out to be worth practicing in a quieter environment.

That's why the noise is bad

In fact, researchers have found that background noise such as television, radio, video games, various electronic devices, or even talking to a company can negatively affect this learning process. Dr. Brianna McMillan, who was a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016, conducted research on the subject, which included 106 small children aged between 22 and 30 months. they taught children new words so that the medium was either loud or quiet, and they came to learn the words in a quieter environment. In the second experiment, new words were taught to children aged 28-30 months, and similar results were obtained in the third experiment. In the third experiment, and they also wanted to teach the kids two new kits. The researchers came to the conclusion that they could only learn the words and the meanings if they were first heard in a quiet environment. Based on these, background noise makes it difficult for children to learn sounds, words and their meanings. Because you can't always break away from the noisy environment, it is worth repeating the words learned in a quiet place in the midst of back noise, that you can interpret and memorize it in that environment too.

Keep the volume to a minimum!

Children's brains evolve very quickly in their early years and form the basis for a number of future studies that they learn up to the age of 8. In the early years, the little ones learn from parents, the immediate environment, and it is important that in an ideal setting, as this may hinder your learning abilities.Since certain noises cannot be completely eliminated, as TV, for example, is a part of the family's everyday life, as well as different sounding games, it is highly recommended by research professionals to buy it as much as possible. But if your child has a need for an adult, it should be done in a completely quiet room. You suggest - and if you hang up more often, you will make noise too. Kids don't have to be in a quiet environment all the time, but we should provide them with such conditions part of the day so that they can improve their abilities. (VIA)Related links: