The brown fat helped in the fight against obesity

The brown fat helped in the fight against obesity

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While obesity and almost the first lip of the fatty tissue are common, it is important to know that there is also a fatty tissue that performs a useful function in our body. This is the brown fat.

Of course, white fat also has its own benefits, as it insulates our bodies and organs against mechanical influences or cold, but its excessive presence leads to obesity and the resulting health problems. We know less about brown fat - and it has less in our body. And this is becoming more and more common with age. The brown fat is what first appears in our body in our age, but in infancy we can only find it in relatively few places, such as between the shoulder blades and more closely in adulthood.
First and foremost, it is important because, unlike white fat, it does not store energy, but produces calories by burning calories, thus saving the body from excessively reduced body temperature. In the wild, sleeping animals, for example, contain a significant amount of brown fat.

Could be more than brown!

It is rich in blood and densely innervated tissue in our body, which has attracted the attention of researchers who fight against the "worldly blood" of obesity due to its function different from white fat. First, they have found that as age progresses, it is lower and more prevalent in females than in males and more extensively in low body mass indexes. They have also begun to examine whether it is possible to artificially increase the status of the brown adipose tissue inside the body.

The brown fat helped in the fight against obesity

According to the first results, certain substances are able to promote the formation of adipose cells into brown fat instead of white ones. Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston found last year that the BMP-7 white is getting started with this important process.
Researchers in Atlanta and Baltimore have also identified a gene (NPY) that is effective in brown fat formation and body weight regulation. This may also play a role in the treatment of obesity or diabetes in the future.
In June this year, we found that in adulthood, although the proportion of brown fat is small, we have more results than previous PET and CT examinations: it is also present in its layers, mixed with white fat cells.
Interestingly, even a small amount of brown fat is capable of triggering a caloric attack, so the purpose of current research is probably not as daring. In the future, researcher curiosity may also focus on defining brown fat in the body of fetuses and infants.
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