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How is the relationship between baby and toddler shaped? How does the mother-to-be get from kindergarten to kindergarten friends?

Do you mind? Are you tired of diapers? Referee Request from Playground Chats. However, it is a little sad about how you relate to your baby, even though it is really very human and at the same time incredibly complex. The way a little lonely "savage" develops the capacity for love plays a much greater role in his future, in his prosperity, and even in his happiness, than when he sits first, or when he receives cannabis.
The baby, of course, does not come to this world with empty hands. He is very excited about the big meeting, as if he knew where he was going and who was waiting for him. She hears, recognizes and distinguishes her mother's voice from others as early as she is a fetus. She remembers the water, the smell of the amniotic fluid, and these taken from the womb help her to "recognize" her own mum, to find her contact right after birth. He "knows" the proportions of the human face, hanging his gaze much more than anything else. Immediately after your birth, you will find that your social relations are shaped by you. Or else? Sometimes his little behavior changes from day to day, sometimes he feels like he has fallen to a previous level, and sometimes he flies his arms out into the world with huge spikes. We have to slowly come to terms with the idea: our children are more comfortable in kindergarten than in our homes. Comrade changed.

From birth to six weeks old - She smiles deeper

"When Zhufi was born, I was immediately in my arms, and he calmed down right there. He watched with wide eyes, and looked at each other for a long moment. I feel like it during breastfeeding. If it is bothering me, it is most easy to put it on my chest or bend my head to my shoulders and rock. When you fall asleep this is not for me yet, but it has an incredible effect on me. At this point, I feel that it makes me feel like a mother, nothing in the world can be better. " (Clare's twenty-seven years, Zsuf's three weeks)
After childbirth, the baby and mother get into a special state. We would think nothing more than resting. But the baby is watching her eyes wide open, and her mother is welcoming, talking, inviting, welcoming to the world like an old beloved. In the midst of birth, both of them are closely watched over due to the release of stress hormones, and they play an active part in the first meeting. The baby's view is still not perfect, but in a wonderful way, it looks exactly like the face of one who is holding it in his arms as he is within 25 inches of it. He hangs his gaze on his mother's eyes and forehead, his attention sometimes on your mouth, and as if he is imitating the movements. Incredible, but your baby can do it too!
There is a lot to do at the first meeting, but it is better to keep in mind that the baby will continue to work with this information. In the light weeks of our being, we can only connect in a similar way, "talk to him," in moments of great peril. Newborns spend just over a dozen times in this dental, resting state, mostly over-excited, or just sleeping.

Lovely are slowly becoming social

From Six to Five - Talk!

"This is something fantastic! I was really looking forward to smiling back, and here it is: the ice has come six weeks ago! It's time to play together too. Daddy's a lot of jokes, but he's happy to be around the playground amateurs as well, I'm running after him. (Marcsi thirty years old, Peti four months old)
At the age of six weeks, the baby feels very comfortable with "making friends". It can be said that "he loves all humanity", it doesn't matter if a mother or a neighbor look at her, she appreciates the big tasting, tickling, and generally being treated. Of course, adults do not approach the baby anyway: they speak in a so-called "nurse tongue": high-pitched, muted, in short sentences, with a little trick and lots of questions. This is not "timeless gossip"! The little one-month-old is just the hardest thing to talk about.
He has come to the point where he can listen to his adult rhythm, and if it is a costly conversation, the baby reacts with almost his entire body. He plays a lot with his hands, feet, his voice when he is alone. This is also a step in the path of socially desirable choice, for you are now realizing what belongs to it and what is beyond it. So the "йn" and the "other" are slowly coming out, and then it will be possible to establish some meaningful relationship with the "others".

Hattуl to eighteen months - Just a mom!

"If it is with me, it is something fantastic! Watching a book, 'discussing' what we saw, pointing to what I am asking, imitates simple words. to a stranger, or even when we meet my grandma, it hurts, I can only reassure me slowly. they are awful too. Waking up awake, sorry, only the cuddling helps. Sleeping in the living room is not as smooth as it used to be. What has become of my friendly, calm baby? " (Йva is thirty-one years old, Julcsi is nine months old)
After the age of five, a big change in the baby's life occurs. You just realize your mom is an impatient one. This is not a step backwards, but a huge leap in development. She still has no ability to admit that if she is not in the funeral home, she has not yet been lost. It is only what you see and feel. This is the fear of strangers and the explanation of the night awakenings. You have to make sure that you have the beloved girl. But at the same time, there is an opposite process: learning to cook, to swim, to walk, to run, to speak.
The world is out in front of her, she can be distant from her parents, and she can influence events with her words. It is amazing to be attracted to it by its surroundings, to go, to act, to try everything it can. It creates a constant tension in it, and we are facing a troubled era. But in its peaceful periods, it is marvelously evolving: it imitates almost everything it can. Applauding, pointing to things, waving. He expresses his senses many times, sometimes showing signs of sympathy. He starts to inquire about other children.

From mens to 3s - Йn, nn, йn!

"Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything with it. ,N, nn, ,n, no, no, no! That's the day. I feel like giving up when you just stand there, catch it, or say something right that you are all my anger likes to fuck with other adults, they have games outside with dad, sometimes feel superfluous beside me, try to imitate "weird" things Autzy, grass, of course fry maybe the team is in the middle, focusing on older kids, hating them a lot. It's very encouraging, maybe a more relaxed era is coming… "
(Andi thirty-two, Samu's rope)
There was a big change in the relationship between parents and children. The little one does not show any fierce feelings if strangers approach him or leave his parents alone. The source of the fractures is in fact the ceaseless shaking. He wants to control events, looking for borders, what's free and what's not. Her treasure is explosive, making her relationships more colorful. It can interact with your children, especially at the reward level. You may have your favorite "favorite" players, but you still don't have any real friendships. It understands the feelings of adults and children well, responds well, and has the power of "perception." It helped a lot in education, because it gets the meaning of "mom's sweetheart", "daddy's sweetheart", "it should not be because I am tired".

From three months to six - Let's go to the door!

"Sometimes I feel I'm confused with a little bit of knowledge. Asking and asking will work out everything. Not only are you, your parents, you are wrong, you are also looking at other children, your parents, and your parents. I have to teach him how to stay alive. There are friends in the ovi, they are looking for contact with us at times. He cares a lot about what other people think about him. (Kata thirty, Zsolt is one year old)
The power of speech is completely your year, and it is also a great tool to connect with anyone. For the most important area, you now need to determine where you are in the middle of each other. You start to relate to them, and they think what they think about them is important. Just like their own gender and gender roles, it is at this time that toddler and toddler groups begin to divorce in the playroom and the preschool group. This is the age of perfect, multi-character roles.
Then you try, practice, what to say, how to behave in different situations. Between boys, they start arguing, trying to decide the price in the house - whether at home or in kindergarten. Babies continue to relate to their peers and adults according to their emotional preferences, whether they are loving or not doing things for their aunt, girlfriend or mother. Not all of them are increasingly influenced by peers, and they establish peer relationships with others. But family remains the basis of emotional bonding.
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