Against Fears: Healing

Against Fears: Healing

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Every child's favorite story is the one about roula. But what can you tell the little one who has long, painful examinations and treatments waiting to save his life?

Erika Bartos

A mother went through this journey with her child and wrote a letter: "With my little daughter, I experienced the secret of Anna, Peti and Gergh's storybooks: I saw how glittering her eyes were when she read about it, every moment she missed." I thought it would be useful for small patients with cancer and leukemia to write a book about them. And the invitation to the storybook was made on behalf of the Fearful Foundation (our box), of which he became a freelance co-worker. He consciously turned to those whose colors, shapes and figures were the natural part of the life and evenings of most Hungarian small children. The letter knew the usual pictorial world, the everyday, simple words, the familiar, kind medium would magically calm the little ones. The narrator agreed címыt, the idea came from the Gyôrgy Gottsegen Cardiology Institute. We were asked about the power of the tale in the New Edition.- Have you personally experienced the fairy tale effect of a fairy tale?
- I have countless experiences with the power of a fairy tale. Providing spiritual nutrition to the youngest, it gives you answers to many of the questions that little children in the world cannot even formulate. Well, I remember that when I was a kid, when I was having trouble falling asleep or sleeping in the dark, I always thought of my favorite fairy tale characters, Mohra and Parf. To this day, I watch them in the innermost hills. This series has given me reassurance, a hold on me, and I am endless to face the fact that there is a little kid who has the support of my fairy tales today.- Do you have any story, simple enough, of any of your children when they were ill about the help of the tale?
- Fortunately, not much. Of course we also vйgigjбrtuk elkerьlhetetlen the fiъs csalбdokban esemйnyeket: уriбsi esйs the lйpcsхn, szбguldбs the Szentkirбlyi street fogбszati ​​ьgyeletre the kitцrt teeth ugrбlбs йs leborulбs the бgyrуl, nekiszaladбs the table sarkбnak, torn upside rohanбs the Madarбsz street ьgyeletre, vбrakozбs the Fiumei ъti accident sebйszeten because of the knock on the car's head ... But we've never had more serious problems. I remember two small cases where a disease-related fairy tale was very useful: I was persuaded by Marek Veronika's Boribon-series episode of Chill Bath to get the Chill Bath yes, and Béla Bodum told me very well I was in the position for the authors that these tales were born.- Do you get a similar thanks from the parents?
- It is wonderful to feel like reading lines from my own stories, and I have heard many disappointments that I have had help with vaccination, inflammation of the throat, croup, croupus. I get countless magical letters, and they have endless power from these lines. There was a mother who told me that a feverish baby lying in the air had begun drinking so she'd flip through every new card in my book. So I read the Little Brother all the way to the volume of Anna and Peti. There was a mom who told me how much Bogyu and Babuca's film had given to her children treated with brain tumors for months to come, and that I could go on and on. This is the most that an author can achieve in general: to feel the love and affection of children. I am very sorry for parents to share this and let me know, and I can't tell you how much power such feedback gives.- Have the children, parents, received any memorable feedback about the Bourgeoisie?
- The Book of Friendship is for children with extremely severe illness. The fruit of more than a year's work, glass doctors, nurses, psychologists were born of feathers. Step by step, it describes what awaits a child with cancer, thus relieving the fear of the unknown and improving the chance of healing. I made almost a hundred A3 freehand drawings. It was a spiritually demanding and touching job in which I learned a great deal, and this volume has given me a great deal of humanity. One of my greatest achievements with the initiating mother is her knowledge of friendship, her human position is exemplary. Our grandfather, who has received from both parents with small children, adolescents, and adults, has a strong and frightening feedback, and even a cancer patient has shared with us that this is an educational book. All aid is important and valuable, which can reduce the burden on those affected. For me, the greatest benefit of this book is its help.
- What should we read to high school students?
- What catches the story carries the important message