Patient care is hard work - and sometimes even harder

Patient care is hard work - and sometimes even harder

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Every child bears the disease. There are patients with severe and mild nature. For parents, it doesn't matter how much burden nursing has on them.

My big deal was never a light affair, but on that day, all my patience was gone. Yeah, I know, he was hot, his throat hurt, he didn't want to eat. Just criedOf course, you couldn't stop to go to the order. Moving, traveling, waiting in the outlets - it was unimaginable for me and for myself. I had to call the doctor. As long as we waited, I did all the tricks to cheer me up. I was dolling, telling, trying to have a baby, but nothing worked. I just couldn't find the key to it. I went to panic, I was sure it was a big deal because I had never seen such a thing helpless.

What will happen to me?

At that time I wasn't even aware that I didn't have to worry about it. My girlfriend is like this when she's sick. You don't have to entertain, you have to calm down. Х It's terrible panic because he is ill and that is what really worsens his condition. Today, she is not a toddler, even though she has a very difficult time with her head - because it is something serious (possibly fatal) and she is unable to sleep, rest, sleep. If he becomes ill, he simply goes to bed and sleeps himself off. By the time he wakes up, he is usually a dog. It's easy to care for him. You don't have to do any tricks to have fun. It doesn't scream, it doesn't require attention. He wants to sleep. If he is in a very bad position, he might be sorry for you, but he has no desire. And this is not a big challenge to accomplish.

Patient care is sometimes very difficult

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But if the big one has a problem, I can tie my pants. He asks him hundreds of times a day why he has just become ill, why he is blessed, has he done something wrong, is why he has been given a sick leave and when his illness is gone. Many also believe me exhausted by the end of the day, but the night does not bring relief, because in such a case they often wake up. She has fears and fears that the dawn will never come. By the time the illness is over, he and I are going to be completely upset. And that doesn't help my bowel movement. Because my body is so anxious when I'm sick, I knew it - but our pediatrician has never seen it as such. But that wasn't the real surprise, but the fact that he didn't really have any serious illness. Of course there is some throat inflammation, a little fever, a little cough - but there is nothing to justify this desperate panic and stillness, he said, then took a homeopathic remedy from his body. sucking on the berriesand we, as adults, have begun to arrange the administration of the visit. Taj number, kindergarten certificate, recipes. While we were reconciling the data, a small pajamas figure appeared at the table, who hadn't moved out of bed for two days. He came and said he was hungry. The mother's word has no nicer sentence in the mouth of the sick child. I ran for food, but in the meantime I asked for the name of a panacea: szilнcium (Silicea). Our half, my scared child's best sedative. After that, if I get sick, I always give him whatever symptoms he has. Both of us are calmer.They may also be interested in:
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