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Are you back again?

Are you back again?

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Every little baby is concerned about whether she can have a natural birth even after she has had a cone section. Some are alerted, encouraged by this opportunity. We looked at what the answer depends on, and when.

Are you back again?

Many developed countries have the same phenomenon as we do: one who has given birth to a cup is the closest thing to a great ceremony, even if there is no other reason for this than the previous cup. Since no kutatбsi, literature data are tбmasztja alб this practice lйtjogosultsбgбt, sхt йppen ellenkezхleg, all related бllбsfoglalбs ъgy kezdхdik not tцrvйnyszerы the korбbbi csбszбrmetszйs utбn egyбltalбn a ъjabb, йrdemes get to know the causes is.Ezek kцzьl the dцntх the tъlbiztosнtбsra tцrekvйs , because if something goes wrong with your natural childbirth, you will be responsible to your doctor. However, if you do so, no one will ever initiate a mishap, even if, after all, it seems unnecessary.

What is the risk?

In addition to the repeated cesarean section, it is stated that if there was one, the incidence of uterine rupture in a natural childbirth (from ten thousand to th .If the mother had two or more cones, the risk increased to 1.7 percent. Less well known and rarely mentioned fact mйhrepedйs (that is, dissection of the previous surgical scar, or its further spreading to the uterus) may occur during pregnancy, even with the occurrence of small blemishes of up to 12,000.The most risk-increasing factor in the first cesarean section, therefore, the doctor should only decide to have surgery for really compelling reasons.

The embarrassment of a mother

It is theoretically impossible for a pregnant mother to have a cesarean section without a medical reason, and something like that happens in the real world. In this case, it is important that the doctor tбjйkoztassa arrуl kismamбt what kockбzatoknak nх the valуszнnыsйgьk the mыtйt miatt.Ismйtelt csбszбrmetszйsnйl of you have already dцntйsnйl should be considered in addition to professional grounds, the mother kнvбnsбgбt also akбr mыtйtet, akбr termйszetes szьlйst szeretne.Ha the mother korбbbi csбszбrmetszйse because of your childbirth, your doctor will probably not sneeze at the natural time, but you must explain the risks. Conversely, the situation is far less clear: a person who wants to be born a second time in a natural way must meet a variety of criteria that may differ from one country to another.Chance-reducing factors
- Naturally, the probability of birth is reduced to zero if the reasons for the previous dressing are repeated, for example, tailed, unbalanced, or if there are other compelling causes.
- The risk of welding is almost doubled if the time between the previous and the planned birth is much shorter (There are also more permissive opinions, with many doctors defining two years between births - ed.).
- It is worth keeping your previous reports. After a long run, the risk of welding increases significantly. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, and only when a very lightweight, premature baby is born.
- If the birth does not start by the deadline, the starting value of the birth is increasing. This increases the chances of the cup itself. Because of the hormone motions, hematopoiesis significantly increase the risk of welding, and in this case they choose to have a cesarean section.
- You have a worse history than any other surgery you have ever had.Predictive colors
- It is advantageous for a pregnant mother to be born not only with a cup, but also naturally, and the last time she has been with her is two years longer.
- If your pregnancy is healthy and has no problems.
- If you are about to give birth to a baby with a doctor and a nurse who will support you in your determination and confidence in your success.
- When the term begins to give birth, and the fatigue proceeds at the expected rate.

What can I expect if I am a parent?

The doctor will probably decide to have a continuous fetal scan, CTG, as this will look good if you have a problem and have a scar. You will probably have more frequent examinations to see if you are well on your way to a baby, and after your baby will have a hand examination to check for a previous surgical scar, a scar, or and very rarely even bee can be removed. However, after a successful birth, there is a significant increase in the likelihood of further pregnancy and birth.

What can I expect if he gets a cup again?

If the physician does not consider the headaches to be risky, even after having a natural birth and after some surgery, this fetus can be beneficial. During programmed grafting, a solution is considered to be performed at the scheduled time, possibly before the onset of conception. Faster recovery can also be expected. However, there may be some risks that are more common in the case of a cesarean section than natural births. For example, eight out of eight infections are counted, and the risk of hematopoiesis is multiplied by four. If your doctor thinks that these events are likely to occur based on the results, you will be given an antibiotic or anticoagulant treatment. It is true that the currency of the events increases with each cup, and the operation itself may become more and more complicated due to the previous rumors, but with the techniques of today's surgery, they have a lower risk. Thus, the fact of having a cesarean section is not a barrier to having three or more children.

Who made the decision?

In most cases, it is during pregnancy that the decision of the chosen physician is made (in fact, the physician is elected, even before pregnancy, as there are physicians and institutions with little support). With this in mind, any expectant mother can do what she thinks of other babies, asking for a third opinion. At every Hungarian birth, the chief medical officer is responsible for what happens in the department. Therefore, it is important to consider the risk of a baby planned after a previous cesarean section, especially if the mother had multiple surgeries or multiple risk factors. If your mother and your doctor are convinced that you are trying the natural way, you will only decide on the day of your birth whether you will have another surgery or not. If the doctor of choice has opted for the cup, the head physician or head of unit does not usually reconsider this, even if it is not considered medically necessary.
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