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Saturday working day for smarter sick children (X)

Saturday working day for smarter sick children (X)

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Every parent knows the guard when their child gets sick. In addition to the sickness of the little ones, the little ones have to endure the lack of the usual environment.

This is not a simple situation for parents. It is helpless to look at our little patient, to organize the care, the amusement, sometimes a human task.

We need help!

THE Bayer Hungбria Consumer Health A team of 26 volunteers spent their Saturday working day at the Bethesda Children's Hospital on April 21st, helping all those who work at the church to help them stay better.

Thanks for the help!

500 pieces of Bepanthen plush turtle were donated to the in-patient children, which made her smile on the little girl's face. The real happiness, however, was that they could take their new friends home when they were sour, hoping they would sooner!