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People who are middle-aged are more likely to have dementia less

People who are middle-aged are more likely to have dementia less

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A middle-aged person who considers himself or herself healthy may suddenly drop his or her blood pressure and fall apart, which he or she does not attach much importance to. However, these problems may be signs of later dementia.

People who are middle-aged are more likely to have dementia less

Orthostatic hypotension - that is, when the blood pressure falls from one moment to the next without any particular cause - can in many cases cause lasting damage, because at this age, the blood pressure of people who work in the public, dealing with drastic cases of orthostatic hypotension, 40 percent more likely to be less prone to dementia. As shown in the test, they are 15 percent more likely to have cognitive impairment than their peers. At the same time, the research does not establish a clear causal relationship. "Although these episodes occur only in the hub, their effects are unfortunately lasting. Andrea Rawlings Hopkins. For the time being, experts do not know whether orthostatic hypotension is an early symptom of a serious illness or just what leads to the development of a minor serious illness. Dementia currently affects about 4-5 million people in the United States alone.
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