Pain-relieving compresses

Pain-relieving compresses

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It's like being smeared with smoke - say, if something very pleasant, a good sense of humor has passed us by. Even the man of his time recognized that fragrant oils and balms not only are beautiful, but also bring wonderful healing.

And for us, the jealous sense of "smearing" that we were able to do something for it, we do not need to look helpless to suffer. These natural methods, which are more and more frequently reflected in modern medicine, often add to or completely replace the effects of medicines.
It may seem simpler to push a spoon in the small throat, but it does not get what you really need at the time of illness: physical weakness. Let's back these once-known natural remedies to help our little one's recovery with love.

Tips for the right compress

Shampooing requires, sometimes even wearing, the body, so we use it with caution. The bigger the surface, the more effective it is.
  • The temperature of the cold compress should be only 5-10 degrees lower than the temperature of the body, so just cool down, but not be cold.
  • Do not use a cold squeeze on your baby's calf unless the baby's body is warm. If you feel your hands and feet cold, cover them and wait for them to warm up.
  • Use only cloths made from natural materials (linen, cotton, wool). Usually two or three layers are required. Apply a cloth or cloth diaper to the body surface and apply a thick terrycloth, flannel or cotton cloth to the top.
  • Do not unscrew the moistened cloth excessively! In order to remove heat, it must be sufficiently wet. Change it often, don't expect it to dry completely.

How to Massage?

  • Place the little patient in a soft, warm place.
  • Massage only pleasantly warm hands, stroke!
  • Distribute the oil thoroughly over the lumbar region with repeated, rhythmic movements.
  • Observe the child's reaction, if you do not feel well, do not force yourself, we should stop the massage.


Cabbage juice relieves pain, has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect
It is effective in the case of business ailments, particularly in the case of comorbid, comorbidities, and comorbidities. Before placing the cabbage on the diseased area, roll the leaves slightly with a rolling pin and then cover them with a dry towel. The wrap is applied at least through an urn, but at least twelve ounces should be removed and rubbed with peppermint oil.


Safflower, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils alleviate stubborn cough! Rub in the kid's back, we'll soon find it calms down and relaxes. Pay attention to the freshness of the oil: Vegetable oils are poor, so do not store them for too long after opening. (Essential oils can be obtained in Fitotekk and Herbaria stores).

Storage - Lighten Throat and Fever

Apply a thin layer of fingers thick to a small cloth, wrap it, and heat in the heater, in the microwave or in the oven. Wrap it around the neck (check the temperature first), then tie it with a piece of wool. Should be worn three ounces of uranium.

Pickled Socks - Reduces baby's fever

Let's pour a little cold water, add two tablespoons of fruit juice or lemon juice and soak in a pair of hosiery. Unscrew it and add it to the baby. Let's put on a slightly larger size dry sock so that the water is completely covered. The socks are inappropriate because they do not allow heat.

Cold-water shaking - Removes heat from the body

Flammable method for older children. Cover the tips with a cold twist of cold water from turkey to ankle and cover with a dry cloth. Change the compress after ten minutes. Repeat the change three times and then pause. Do not apply cold compress if your child is shivering or cold.

Onion Wrapping - Soothes tinnitus, relieves strained tympanic pressure

Press the onion in the garlic onto a small cloth. Wrap it up and heat it to a body thermometer. Lay the patient sideways with the boot side up. Do the onion hanging, cover it with a small dry handkerchief, a hanging cloth, a forehead, a flush or a warming cap, and you can sleep on it.

Cumin or Lemongrass Oil - Relieves stomach bites, quenches spasms

Drop the oil into our warm palms and massively massage the small abdomen in the same direction as the clockwise movement. Begin under the ribs, then down the stomach edge down to the other ribs.

Home remedies for sore throat

The antibiotic is an effective remedy for streptococcal bacterial throat inflammation, but if viruses cause sore throat, try home remedies. The lemon sage tea is sparkling, but the lemon is not only good for hot (not hot!) Tea, but also for succulent. Twist it with lemon juice in another deci water, dip a soft cotton cloth (cloth) and roll it over the baby's neck. Cover lightly with warm salt.
Drizzle with honey honey, soften the throat, lighten the thirst with thyme. You can also hide your potatoes in tomato soup: boil a teaspoonful of thyme with two deci-liters of water, leave it covered for ten minutes, then strain it. Add the same amount of tomato juice, lightly sweetened with honey and hot. Let's turn the fun onion cooker into a colony: we cook the soup in the usual way, but we also put some light red onion heads in it. In particular, bulk or potato wrapping may be used.
In the microwave, heat it for lukewarm for about ten decades (possibly mixed with curdled milk), lubricate it with a folded textile diaper, and tie it around the baby's neck. Let's put the cooked potatoes in a similar way - not hot, just pleasantly warm.

It burns warm

Warming triggers the blood circulation, thereby reducing inflammation and analgesia. The cushion of the stomach is clearly useful for stomachache, tummy tuck, cuddle, and for the beginning of the week. It is advisable to get two smaller ones, such as one over the top, and one bigger for the abdomen.
We can get the bags filled with cherry kernels ready, and we can make them at home. Thoroughly wash the seeds collected in the fruit strainer and strain them in the oven. Put on a knitted socks and tie.

The fun is warm

The heat is likewise good. Sew a bag of thick woven fabric and seal it with a rubber band. This way, you can quickly heat the seeds and light them in the oven, and put them back in the oven lightly. Wrap it on a soft cloth.
If you are warming in the microwave, some parts may become overheated, so always try it on yourself before placing baby warmer bags. A good solution is a rubber bottle made of hot water that can be filled with hot water, especially if the small feathers have a larger surface area for heating.