You don't have to have fun all day

You don't have to have fun all day

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The smaller our child is, the more he or she desires to be present. This does not mean that we have to play, sing, and play all the time.

You can only immerse yourself in the game if you feel safe, so if you can see us in the distance. The nursery is almost superfluous, so the baby will be back in the apartment anyway. It is best to place a basket of toys in the living room and kitchen and allow them to carry handy items (such as footwear, wooden spoons). If you notice something has caught your attention, don't be disturbed - you play it alone. He can't even play on the freebie, and he's not really interested in the game world, and the real one is attracted to our world. For the best games, if you can emulate us, you can participate in our activities. The best way to have fun is to let us chill, clean, wash, cook. Let's give him some socks, fries, kisses, let's do it with us - he still plays alone, but we do.