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Look how handsome you are!

Look how handsome you are!

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First, he shudders, and then the tiny hand of the newbie warms. Do you think you're drawing a cat for a few years? Let's help you get smarter!

Fuck ducks

After the age of half, he will become more and more gentle with his fingers. Make sure you look inside the apartment to prevent it from finding a spilled medicine or button cell. Give him similarly tiny objects, but always stay with him when you play with them. For the time being, you need the whole hand to grab the objects. Further details of our Baby Development Service ...

Match box with money box

Fill a few larger matchboxes with beans, rice or colored paper clips. Fuck them out and then screw them back. Cut a small hole in the top of the box so that the child can insert the pieces into it.

The bottle can also develop

Give him a narrow bottle of white plastic for graveling. While throwing pebbles, it gathers interesting experiences: the larger ones don't bite, each gives a different voice when you drop in, shake them, and finally you can start them out and start playing again.

Laughing super games

They asked for the grandmother's buttons, zippers, shoelaces, ribbons. Put me in a patterned cosmos and splash it out from time to time. Kids love to have fun with the jokes. Sew her a cushion of colored zippers, different sized buttons, a dress to take care of her keen fingers.


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