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Since only humans are alive on the ground, mothers who are ready to give their lives are anxiously thinking about the challenges of childbirth. How am I going to endure the pain? Am I beating the victory?

It takes a lot of pain

It is a fact that you are experiencing birth pains. Many also shudder at the expectation of their first children: the pain of childbirth is the strongest of all. Others, based on their own experience, are strongly targeted. One thing is for sure: if it is worn well, if not, in nature and quality, the pain of parenting is unlike anything else.
Parents are very different in how they tolerate the inconvenience of giving birth. Even the same mother kills her parents. It is also not uncommon for the first birth to be the most painful. Well, it's not worth the guessing, the birth goes on its own, there is no return. But, contrary to the triumphs of illness, miraculous intensification of childbirth also miraculously increases mental strength, which helps withstand hardships.


There is nothing to be worried about when an expectant mother decides she doesn't want to be bullied. Parenting is not a competition where the winner is the one who goes further. Sometimes, moms are planning a natural birth, thinking that she tolerates pain, but she wants pain relief as she progresses. It can also be the other way around: a head-on-wall lady can bear the pain of coughing nicely.


It has been possible for several decades for us to have perfect pain relief. Ilona Bruckner, a nurse at the National Health Center, was one of the first to help a Hungarian mother who received epidural anesthesia (EDA for short) in 1979.
"The method was born in the United States, and our anesthetists there also. Because our institution introduced the procedure almost immediately, it has turned out that it is primarily those who want to give birth to this pain reliever who are looking for us. During the pregnancy, we would like to ensure that the expectant mother receives all necessary information about the intervention. During the visit to the maternity room, they are highlighted and their chosen doctor talks about the procedure.
During epidural anesthesia, a small needle is introduced into the lower back of the back, along the spine. At the low level, a thin cannula is attached, which is fastened with adhesive plaster to the back of the body. An amount of pain-relieving fluid corresponding to body weight is injected into the cannula outlet.
Before introducing tы, the mom gets a local anesthetic. When the fire is in place, you can feel at least a tiny lightning in the foot. Experience has shown that EDA precautions are no more painful than a dental injection.


The incoming mum is prepared the usual way, and if you decide to EDA, you will usually wait until the mum is over.
- Many pregnant women have serious pains at the time, but others say they are good. Sometimes moms who decide to EDA change their mind. In this case, they should be warned that it is no longer worthwhile to introduce the cannula even sooner or later, even if their pains are painful. EDA basically connects the mum, and from that point on, she can't go wrong because we need to constantly monitor the contractions of the beef muscle and the condition of the fetus.
In addition to EDA, the mother is not aware of the additional muscle activity and pain caused by postponement.
"Mum is aware of all this because she does not feel pain, but she feels dull tension and a slight push from the outside. This is important because it can work very actively with us. The advantage of EDA is that even with the section on the neck, which is difficult for moms to wear, it provides total pain relief. A lot of overweight pregnant mothers also insist on the EDB when they are born first.

Stress Free

Opponents of EDA are worried about possible events.
- I don't know of a case where analgesia has had unpleasant consequences. We tell you in advance that the effect can last up to cubs, so the feet can be heavy and insensitive after birth. However, all of this is thought through. Not to mention that EDA also provides tremendous relief in diabetes-related pregnancy and premature pregnancy, as stress-free and pain-free skin improves circulatory circulation and relaxes muscles. And if your baby is stuck or you have other complications, your doctor has decided to have a cesarean section, and through the implanted cannula you can perfectly solve the pain of surgery.
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