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Your baby's tongue is out!

Your baby's tongue is out!

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First, it may not even appear. But it is becoming more and more of a problem: your breast will be sore from breastfeeding and your baby will not be able to get enough milk because she cannot keep her nipple properly.

What does it look like?

Most often, as if the baby's tongue had not one but two small rounded tips: drawn word for the upper part. Typically, the tongue does not reach and cover the underbelly, so the baby is unable to form a tongue around the nipple during breastfeeding and he cannot speak enough. Typical bust in this case is the horizontal, bloody crack in the middle part of the bulb, which develops relatively quickly in the first few days. Here lбthatsz fotуkat the kьlцnfйle elхfordulбsi formбkrуl.Most you have already kutatбsok also bizonyнtjбk that nyelvlenцvйs hatбsos ъjszьlцttkori bemetszйse valуban beavatkozбs, йs usually takes up a lot of burden in kйsхbbi цsszefьggйsbe tцbbfйle problйmбt elejйt.A nyelvlenцvйssel or rцvid nyelvfйkkel: csecsemхtбplбlбsi nehйzsйgeket, beszйdfejlхdйsi problems, szбjhigiйniai megfontolбsokat . Tongue groove incision is generally used for affected newborns breastfeeding - despite the fact that there is no scientifically proven evidence to support this practice so far. the pain that the mother feels during breastfeeding and improves her baby's ability to breastfeed. There was another question: does breastfeeding increase the duration of the intervention, thereby contributing to a better health and optimal development of the children? Carefully planned research gave the first two answers, but not the last one. One year we have been examining a baby with a high traffic birth rate to choose between 1.8 and 4.8% of newborn babies born to linguists, identified a serious linguist by scoring. For these mothers, the study began with the completion of the McGill Pain Study and the Infant Breastfeeding Data Sheet (IBFAT).

Your baby's tongue is out!

On average, the baby was incised at the age of six days - at the top of the newborn. Another randomly selected group, the control group, was placed in the same order, but after a few minutes of intervention, the baby was delivered to the mother for immediate breastfeeding. we were advised if intervention had actually taken place. The members of the control group were actually asked to appear within the next two weeks, with one exception where the parents did not ask for it. ъjszьlцttjйnek nyelvfйkjйt bemetszettйk - йs legalбbb ethical kйtelye not merьlt to anyone because it would have failed due to a kutatбs beavatkozбst that would segнthetett the anyбnak йs the child is.Mivel but nyelvlenцvйs mйrtйkйnek, maternal fбjdalomйrzetnek йs the ъjszьlцtt szopбsi kйpessйgйnek a mйrйsйre However, the tests were designed so thoroughly as to produce methodologically sound results, the first two questions being answered in an unambiguous way. Tongue incision significantly reduced the mother's pain during breastfeeding immediately after the procedure was measured, and her newborn's ability to breastfeed was significantly improved. The kutatуk vontбk off that kцvetkeztetйst that nyelvfйk bemetszйse szьksйges йs hatбsos beavatkozбs, йs szeretnйk if minйl tцbb gyermekgyуgyбsz, fьl nose and gйgйsz, szбjsebйsz йs laktбciуs szaktanбcsadу tбmaszkodna fresh eredmйnyьkre the nyelvlenцvйs sъlyos cases egyйrtelmы йs fast javulбst to the egyszerы a little surgery for the mother and her baby.Forrбs: Buryk, M. - Bloom, D. - Shope, T. (2011): Efficacy of Neonatal Release of Ankyloglossia: A Randomized Trial. Pediatrics, Vol 128 No. 2 August 1, pp. 280-288.
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