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E-cigarette is not safe during pregnancy

E-cigarette is not safe during pregnancy

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It is still a myth that e-cigarettes are a safer option to smoke during pregnancy than traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarette is not safe during pregnancy

Earlier research has also shown that a non-nicotine variant of e-cigarette can cause severe, even fatal lung problems, but newer e-cigarettes . There is no cure and even fatal seizures if not properly treated. Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney exposed some mice to nicotine-containing and nicotine-free e-cigarettes in a mouse experiment, and were exposed to normal indoor air. . Next, the little ones were supplemented with egg white, ovalbumin, until asthma had developed (according to a previous study, this protein may be related to asthma). Parallel to this, the researchers have been linking human cells to e-cigarette smoke through laboratory conditions. As it turned out, whether or not the e-cigarette contains nicotine, the risk of developing asthma is always higher postnatal than normal conditions, and developing asthma was less severe if e-cigarette preceded it. "Based on our results, e-cigarettes cannot be said to be safe under expectation," said the research leader, Dr. Sharma.
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