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Vitamin K is not enough, they have been brought in from abroad

Vitamin K is not enough, they have been brought in from abroad

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In the second half of May, vitamin K was imported from abroad, but it is still deficient. Vitamin K is very important for newborns.

The National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYЙI) in the second half of the year brought in five thousand cans of vitamin K, but it is still deficient.Vitamin K is not enough for newborns, they have been brought in from abroad Vitamin K plays an important role in blood coagulation, in the absence of sufficient amount of coagulation factors, which can lead to life-threatening bleeding and stroke. After birth, all babies receive the first dose of vitamin K, then only babies fed with breast milk receive a new dose every month, because there is no vitamin K in breast milk. The OGYЙI website now reads that the defect is due to a manufacturing problem that may be resolved by October 31. OGYЙi allowed five thousand cans of vitamin K to solve the shortage - the index writes. thousand boxes of Konakion 2 mg / 0.2 ml pediatric solution injection. According to the doctor, the 5,000 cans they have just purchased go straight to the hospitals, as it is important for children to get their first vitamin supplement after childbirth (Konakion is not injected; There's not a single ampoule in a box, so the 5,000 boxes are sure enough to support newborns, he added.Poet GyцrgyThe chairman of the Association of Home Pediatricians also confirmed to the Index that the 5,000 boxes imported from the country did not cover the need. "I have not been told exactly what I should put on the recipe instead of Konakion, because I do not know what other name I used to get vitamin K," Gyula Gyzgy Puth told the newspaper. Neither in Hungary, a transient deficiency of drugs. There are many reasons for this. There is a problem if you cannot patch the gift.
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