Do not call the little one!

Do not call the little one!

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Even though the baby is suffering from a discomfort, heartburn, fever, diarrhea, and possibly more serious illness, she can bear the suckling of the baby.

While he is ill, he is probably breast-feeding less, but perhaps more often. The weight may not change or fall. In the case of a more serious disease, such as infections with the urine, and otitis media, it can be delayed to develop slowly in the weeks after the healing process. If you did not suffer very much from the disease, you can expect to jump abruptly after healing.

Why doesn't the baby eat?

We should carefully try the infant doll, but we should not sacrifice the food to eat it, nor should we force it. Many times a sick baby will return to exclusive breastfeeding instinctively even after receiving solid food. This is a much better solution than forcing nutrition because of weight loss. Calm down, if only a little, but gaining a week. The more seriously he has fallen ill, the more time he has to give him to recover, recover and develop his temper.They may also be interested
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