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You are strong, but you are!

You are strong, but you are!

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Lifting, Bending, Shoemaking: You can't avoid these gymnastics exercises during baby kittens, especially if you have bigger children, but still have small children.

You are strong, but you are!

It is legitimate to ask why you should avoid these daily movements. Many people come to this conclusion because, as the months go by, they feel more and more waist-deep in their protests. There are times when this protest is so strong that you can't even straighten it, and sometimes every movement aches, most of all lying on the floor. In the worse case, your tummy will begin to harden from strenuousness, even though you may feel like your kid is falling out. It doesn't go that fast, but you should take these signs seriously. It really shouldn't be that way! It is no accident that we have emphasized the importance of proper posture and the development of the posture muscles in our series, because here is a dog out there somewhere! tхle!How many times do you bow down a day?
Scattered games, litter picking, sweeping, kid licking, spilling spills - well, it looks like we're doing enough exercise. Don't bend from now on! Squat Rather! Exercise Without Exercise First: Squat while stretching your buttocks, your pelvis, and putting on your abdominal muscles. Keep your muscles tight and then keep your upper body straight in the middle. It may seem overly strenuous, but this is just the beginning. These muscles are capable of holding well, not your waist should bear the burden. Strengthen them consciously! Now try the same thing by lifting a heavy object. Do not relax for a moment on the pelvic floor or abdominal muscles until completely lifted. It can help if the soles are not in line, but one a little earlier. Gyerekcipelйs
The best solution is to get your foot in the big one. If it still doesn't work, put it in a stroller or carry-on for your belly. It may be a good solution in the short term on the baby's hips carrying it in cloths or non-woven. Switch your load, put your child on one side or the other. Always carry yourself out of the way, carry your shoulders firmly in the direction of your spine and tilt your pelvis forward. Carrying is a good solution because it has a wide surface area, provides good weight distribution, and the size of the load gradually increases.If you need to carry full bags, be sure to even load. Divide the packages into two or three: one bag on your right and left, in the other backpacks on your back. During luggage picking, follow the same routine that we recommend for child picking.Tippьnk
If you have trouble raising your child, place a chair, a small chair, and ask the little one to stand on it at various points in the apartment before you lift it. So you don't have to squat all the way, just bend your knees and lift it so your belly stays straight and your stomach and pelvic floor muscles are stretched. Remember to carry a spine on the spine! Useful subject
You can give extra security to a good one kismamaцv too!
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