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Naughty ovis

Naughty ovis

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"You're an ovis guy!" - I was annoyed when I listened to the complaints of a parent at the start of my track career. It soon came to light: retrograde is not (only) an adolescent property.

Naughty ovis

More and more people are reporting that Old-age children talk disrespectfully and sneer with us when they ask for something or want to limit it. Not just "I don't want to pack" the answer, but "unpack it!" In fact, "you are stupid!" it is not uncommon for a child to have oral conflict. "Where do you get the bribe from?" - parents ask me the question, but I am more interested in the question: where do you get the sample?

Where do you get it?

Boldi with a red head yelling at his father: "I have enough of you! Shut up!" Both parents look at the little wetsuit in disgust and feel helpless. The mother will soon visit and tell her they have a hard time with the child, they can put them outeven though it is only a few years old. First of all, where he has heard such a baby, he honestly says he can't even conceive. "But good man, only sudden anger." Of course I do not hesitate. The mother continues: "Yeah, sometimes baby. But then a kid can't say that to his father again. An abbot must be respected!"

Respect or Fear?

Let's do a little kit here! Many people confuse respect with respect. If someone does not respect their child / mate / employee, etc., he / she will not respect him / her. The honorary must be worked on. If I speak with my child, I'm not trustworthy, consistent, but aggressive and disrespectful, then he will not respect me, and most will fear me. The result is basically the same: if I shuffle it enough, I will impose penalties, maybe beat it, it will only catch my mouth, keep my order, obey. But not because he respects and not because he slowly embraced my values, but because he was afraid.

Wretched words

Szьlхkйnt you are a pattern. You think about it first when you hear your own words from your child. A little girl took her toy baby with her. In the meantime, he said: "Come on, don't give up, why do you always stop?"His mother then realized how difficult it would be to keep the pace short with his long steps, and if he failed, he would always listen to the not-so-nice teasing. Such recognitions can be striking. But if you say "you are stupid" in a tense situation, it's hard to remember that we could hear it, because we're angry. So look, our dühü is right, this little sneaker is absolutely superb. It ain't right! Well, the little sneaker can be angry, and you will realize that things that are not important to us may be painfully important to him. things are not taken seriously by anyone. If someone living in the environment is a good person but suddenly angry, then the child may also be a good person, just suddenly angry. If you accept yourself, so will the child. Or change it. There is always a possibility for this. Let's say that for a child, not only can they be the model they talk to, but also the way he or she speaks to each other. The parents, the siblings, the grandparents, the ovists.

Little bastard

Graduates and toddlers alike are masters of behaving just like their peers when they are not there. A child who wants to develop and maintain a good position in his or her peer group can, in an instant, become a self-righteous and loud, brazen child to prove his / her ability to be a kid, they pay attention, and he knows that his parents are jumping on the skin, so he can use the learned behavior at home. And there are those looking for borders: how long can I go? It is also important to set limits on parents' end, and to free the child from the fact that everything (on the child) depends on it, which is extremely insecure and alarming.

Humor, patience, gaze

Of course, the solution first we have to look at ourselves, and to think about whether or not we learned this behavior from the brat. If this is the problem, we only need to change our own behavior, and for some time our baby will have to change: we have changed. And also to develop a cultured discussion style for both of us, instead of disrespectful responsibility. In addition, there is good humor and a bit of sinful skill. Let us show what it is like when he is naughty. Find out what you are doing and laugh at yourself. Of course, it is not the goal to be defeated, but the whole thing. If the situation is unsustainable, determination, gaze, demeanor, loud, unequivocal rejection. And when the anger is gone, it is possible to stop talking about the effect that naughtiness has on the partner's feelings in this case.Related articles in parenting:
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