12 problems during the holiday that only those who have children can suffer

12 problems during the holiday that only those who have children can suffer

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Sunshine, beach, exploration of exciting cities, lots of laughs and adventures, well of course relaxation, relaxation, relaxation - such as when you get rid of the monotony of the week and give yourself a vacation. Or else?

Holiday with a child? Maybe you're not as good a job as you first thought

If you have a child, then vacation is not going to be your old age, you better be prepared to the time for exhilarating vacations has expired. What are you counting on? Mommyshorts has put together some funny, slightly annoying problems that come up during your vacation that can only be resolved by anyone who starts vacating with a child. When you go on vacation with your baby for a week.2. When you think your life could not be more uncomfortable, it turns out that ...3. When you can't force your child to sleep in the air because he wasn't tired, he falls asleep 2 minutes before landing.4. When you realize that viewing a botanical garden is not as idyllic as you thought.5. When dad and your child go to the pool and you're finally relaxing in the sun with a book in your hand.6. When you put on a baby clothes ... but not for yourself.7. When you're a mom on the left.8. When you can't make him smile, even though you are in a wonderful place and you are so happy.9. When you're finally in town, but your kid wants to go back to the hotel.10. When one of your children does not want to attend a family vacation.11. When your child does not like to pose, you and your husband are overcompensated.12. When you finally have a common picture, you can make fun of your 4-year-old baby, but strangers get in the way.Did you know any of the scenes?Also read these:
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