Dad, you need me!

Dad, you need me!

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Difficulties are added to every family's life. Even if the parents were prepared for the family. Stephen tells the story.

Gabi, Stephen, Marci and Vince

Stephen Koch doesn't deny that when Marci was born, he had a hard time wearing the first few months. The baby spent all of his awake time with his mother, and I was left alone. So I started brushing and wanted to take my part out of breastfeeding. I thought that carrying was my only point of contact in the box, so whenever I could (and my boyfriend), I made the baby as soon as possible. I felt closer to myself and importantly, it was adopted very soon. Our relationship quickly came to me that, if not as much as Mom, but I am good too.

Dad, you need me!

Carrying has been an important link between me and my kids ever since. The first thing I remember is that they were really upset on the street when I was having a kid. Especially when I was hanging out with him alone. As if this were accepted, they are probably carrying more and more. Let's say I can show the community a new moment. When we move three people somewhere - the little one tied up / back and the big one on my bike in my childhood - I get appreciative nods and light glances.‒ It's also important to add, says Gabriella, that we never and the dad helped. We both have children, and it is only natural that Stephen will take the part out of everything. For example, when a small child is born, the older child also wants to sleep with an adult. And the grownup is literally my son, because I'm still breastfeeding. So they both wake up, start their day together, and it is very important to both of them.Study and Gabriella have tried to be flexible in dealing with unexpected situations and not rigidly stick to the rules. Although more recently Stephen comes into contact with his son, there is no common family bed. ”This mainly reflects my standpoint - Stephen tells me. - We can keep an eye on each other in the evening hours, so I think it's important to keep the outside sleep. And I'm seriously afraid that once you let them in, they'll just be out in a dozen years, and I really don't want to. In parenting, the emphasis is not on the principles of who is going, but on what is best for the family in question. We do not follow the mass and use the tips of the textbooks, but rely on our internal insights. If we are unsure about something, we should discuss with us which office we should move on to. In such a situation, it does not matter if the father or mother is the decision maker. There is no privilege, no exclusion. We are one.
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