Such is the girlish father

Such is the girlish father

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What's your daddy like? Choose the description that suits you best! Father and Girl: Apathy in the eyes of little girls, prospective women.

Such is the girlish father

Delight from the first moment

He who, from a young age, excels with girls, women, feels good in women, and is liked by women, not by chance. She is a lovely, understanding, respectful, attentive, chivalrous manners, communicates well, understands the secrets of the female, and generally embraces herself. Stabile, balanced family life It features. From childhood on, she admires her child, admires her growth, strives to give her everything, while at the same time she is careful to enhance her feminine traits. You can transform everything from the backbone into the best way you can, disappointing your family members with all the frustration.But you don't make any expectations, her baby admires her And he would grow up liking Daddy's best and try to live up to unspoken expectations. The baby's subsequent relationships, choices, are implicitly influenced by the example, expectations, and value preferences of the adorable father.

I take you seriously!

He does not seem to matter that a child is a boy or a girl, because he sees in him a man who can be educated, educated, educated to fantastic achievements. Serious from the start have expectations as opposed to a girl, which you select to publish, if necessary. Generally you are a good educator, he is patiently Hungarian, you expect exceptional performance in the most natural way in the world, putting your brand high. If something doesn't work for a girl, it won't do much for her, but her personality suggests that everything will go right. She has a new haircut, and she doesn't even think about the latter one, because she thinks it is primarily mental and intelligence that counts. She tolerates her relationship, but he is not enthusiastic about the yard, but he does not give a bad guy. Even in the latter, he communicates mainly with his girlfriend and considers him a partner. Your help can usually be counted on at any time.

It would have been better for you to have been a son!

He couldn't know what to do with the girls, he never really knew much. You don't understand them, they feel whiny, gentle, weak, who can't really be expected to do anything better. Raising a girl is more of a burden than a spring. The your true son is fi ut, who carries the name of the family, who will resemble his father, who will be strong, inward, and masculine. If you study poorly, you will not be surprised, because she runs so much from her meager skills, if she is well, she thinks why, because she will only give birth to a child. He is not the kind of person who strengthens his girl's consciousness, self-confidence, on the contrary. With such a father, it is difficult for a baby to discover values ​​within himself. It is also possible that this paternal behavior has taken a particularly boyish attitude, a boy's strangeness, who is so I want his father's recognition And enjoy appreciation. You can play boy games, go to soccer, play hard, choose masculine occupation, dress up physically, but the goal of getting a father's recognition is usually lagging behind.

I can't do anything with you!

Apat An apathetic who simply cannot do anything with a child is not as independent as some small earth. She doesn't understand how it works, she doesn't find the power button on her, she sees "what's wrong with her? Why is she doing so much?" Бltalбban he is completely busy with his work, your world, the creation, the research, the cure in which a child only has the place that they usually give birth to. ". And adults are not as well-dressed and as unfamiliar as children. So that's it apatнpus it always has surprises for its children, like a treasure island waiting to be discovered.

Everyone is in their place!

She has a definite idea of ​​gender roles and therefore does not classic hand he seems to be upset. Women, like her own girlfriend, do not consider studying ("the time-wasting") more important, but rather that in traditional female roles and more in your responsibilities. That is, keep the family home clean and tidy, cook, serve, educate and supervise the children, create a safe background for the family, the father (male) pйnzkeresх and, if possible, represent your interests and programs (if any) in the family. It is very bad for her to think of it as something else. He'll be crazy about every challenge. because he works a lot, he is a lot away, spending little time with her family, she rarely plays with her children, but she has very definite ideas about spending little time with her.Related articles in Gentle Dad:
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