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Eczema can also cause potted lips

Eczema can also cause potted lips

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Not only because of the windy weather in the spring, we can feel our lips dry and cracked.

Eczema can also cause potted lipsDr. Ildikou Vincze, a dermatological cosmetologist at Dermatica, said what she could recognize and treat eczema chlamydia or lip dermatitis.

It can also be caused by bad habits and allergies

It is perfectly normal for the skin of the lips to crack at times and dry, and the lip can also be cracked. In addition to the cold and spring winds, the strong sun in the summer also tests the skin in this delicate area, but with careful care - with proper hydration, lip balms - we can do it if you can. The skin problem may persist or develop regularly. around her face will also turn red, around the lips - both inside and outside - fleshy, exfoliated, inflamed, itchy skin can be seen. "
  • biting your lips,
  • lip sensitivity, lip, dental materials, toothpastes, dental fillings, sensitivity to any of its constituents,
  • consumption of certain foods,
  • cigarettafьst,
  • pollen
  • changes in hormone levels,
  • stress,
  • increased sweating,
  • fungal or bacterial infections.

How to handle it?

Depending on what causes the skin symptoms, treatment may include steroid creams or anti-fungal agents. Very important a regular hydration, the expert will be able to help you select the right hypoallergenic or fragrance-free formulation. The problem will help identify the ingredients in the epicutan allergy test. During the test, patches are applied to the skin of the back, after which standardized allergens have been applied to which the body's response is tested. During patches, the skin reaction is checked at specified intervals. If you have skin, itchy rash, you are allergic to the ingredient. By continuing to use products that do not contain the particular ingredient, you can prevent any unpleasant symptoms.Related articles in Eczema:
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