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Vacation is more important than we ever thought

Vacation is more important than we ever thought

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Not only does our soul, our kindness, but also our body, benefit from our freedom. Everyone is aware of this, but it also provides more recent research evidence.

Previously, in Helsinki, now many years of studies at the University of Syracuse have confirmed that vacation can contribute to reducing cardiovascular disease. When it comes to this, the Hungarian Cardiologists' Association calls attention to travel, shut down, because we protect our health!Vacation is more important than we ever thought "Do not think that a healthy lifestyle compensates for too hard work and not losing our deserved freedom," warns University of Helsinki experts. Хk kцzйpkorъ, vezetх beosztбsъ fйrfiakat were included in the vizsgбlatukba, akiknйl legalбbb a kardiovaszkulбris betegsйg kockбzati tйnyezх it was present in йletьkben, that dohбnyzбs high vйrnyomбs, high cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, glьkуz intolerance or tъlsъly.A control group fйrfiak the szokбsos egйszsйgьgyi ellбtбst kaptбk and the examiners did not see them. It turned out that men who took three weeks a year or less for shorter annual leave were 37 percent more likely to die than those who did more. " Reducing stress is an essential part of the risk of cardiovascular disease. Based on the results they have just published, people who have had more frequent summer vacancies in the previous 12 months have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome and metabolic symptoms, which are associated with risk of cardiovascular disease. In other words, the greater the presence of these in the life of a person, the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease. " it is possible to change or prevent these risks. It is important for people to take advantage of the available leisure time. Our research shows that if people take advantage of more of this, it would have a tangible health benefit, "a recent study suggests." our freedom, and if we can, it is not about the house In Hungary, it is particularly important to draw attention to this, as for us this is a cumulative problem. We are particularly vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, and we tend to put freedom very much in the background, "he says. dr. Gellery Lassley Professor, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Cardiology Society. but not necessarily luxury vacations, it can be a bit of a splash, a sweep, anything that gets us out of the wheelbecause it will definitely give you a more meaningful, longer life, "adds the cardiologist.
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