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Birth after cup

Birth after cup

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Internationally, it is recommended that a second birth should not be performed automatically if the first baby is born. Natural birth after a prior cesarean section is not that easy either.

After a dry cesarean section

Legalbbbis in Hungary. Based on the WHO's recommendation, if there is no specific reason, then all mothers who have given birth to a baby with cesarean delivery should be assured. There are institutions and doctors in Hungary who support this view, but it is still common to see that once you do it, it will be the second time (overwhelming). In deciding whether the mother can be born after the previous cesarean section, the direction the doctor has performed along the length of the surgical procedure, the bee runs in the middle, running vertically, this is called longitudinal incision. There is a greater risk of welding in the case of longitudinal incision, so your doctor will always report the type of cut that has occurred in your mother's final report. Unfortunately, the location of the abdominal scar, which is visible from the outside, does not give any clue about this, as the uterus can be longitudinal incision, even if it runs outside of the bikini line. then the life of both the baby and the mother can be put at risk. Although the probability of this is not very high (0.2-1.5%), most of the time due to the legal environment (ie cesarean failure can be attributed to the parent, otherwise, it is unnecessarily done to the doctor) because of the risk of having a prior operation, it would be advisable to have a cesarean indication in the very last and very last case the domestic doctors did not allow the mother to have a vaginal birth after cesarean section, thus missing the routine experience that would make the doctors confident in the conceiving of a baby. Unfortunately, there are few hospitals where there are doctors who support women in this choice, responsibly testing for hunger. Women who choose this path have many obstacles to overcome, but it is not impossible to find help who support them in their decisions.If you have the choice those who are successful in VBAC are also strongly advised to take their mother's bed with her wherever possible. The processing of the previous birth, finding a supportive environment, strengthening self-confidence, believing in a positive outcome, and the line could go a long way. Find helpers, therapists who can help with processing, and last but not least, read books that provide advice on acceptance, release (eg Michel Odent: Csabszermetszs, Csilla Berencsi-Eke: Kitznya Anyzeb) or crisis, Ingeborg Stadelmann: The baby answers).
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