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"Everyone else is good, you have to believe in yourself"

"Everyone else is good, you have to believe in yourself"

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There are no engraved rules - says Viktor Danynyi, 27, a mother of a 4-year-old baby girl, and was on stage again for the third month following her baby's birth.

Talking to him, it seems like the most natural thing in the world to do is dance, breastfeeding, traveling, playing games and performing on stage.

When and how did you become a part of your life in dance and why did you choose it?

The dance has been checking my life. Like a few others, I went to ballet, and later to the only middle school specializing in contemporary dance, To the Budapest Vocational School of Fine Arts kerьltem. These years were a turning point, and I decided to do it seriously, as I did. An important motivation for this was that it was a real creative space where I could try myself. One year after the graduation a London Contemporary Dance SchoolI filled it in and then came home free. A couple of years later, we founded Bloom! We have achieved great success both at home and abroad with the dance collection and the newly created City Company. We also received the Best Dance Awarded Judge LABBAN Rudolf, Aerowaves Festivalhas been ranked among the top 20 international transmissions.

He lives a busy life. When you made a baby, did you think about the effect this would have on your "work tool", your body, and your dust?

I was three months pregnant for the City premiere and I was back on stage when my baby was 3 months old. The truth is, I had no idea what the baby's baby, the future was, because everyone is so foolish about it. For the first 3 months of my pregnancy I was dancing intensely, but afterwards I didn't bother at all, practically just crying on the street, life slowed down completely. It was difficult to tell the choreographers when I was coming back, I had no experience of being pregnant, giving birth, or getting back to work. But I was very lucky, everyone was very lucky. The fact that I was able to go back to work with my 3-month-old daughter meant that I was born at a young age, received a lot of support from the family, and my child was very accommodating.

How did you plan your return? Did you have a schedule, or did you let him or her make the most of your own and your child's needs?

I thought if I could create a loving, peaceful environment for her, no matter where we are in the world, we'll be fine. We did a lot of traveling with the piece, and it happened that I was feeding it in the theater, 10 minutes before performing, or was breastfeeding on stage during rehearsal. My environment and my soul were also very accommodating. Of course, if I had the feeling that Leah was restless, she didn't feel so safe, I wouldn't. I have always considered what the family and the family are up to, and I have committed myself to the job accordingly. My son, Bacou Tambs also danceable, so she was very well understood and supported at the same time and we received a lot of help from our family.

Were all those who were unsure about what you were doing?

All mothers endure remorse, confronted with the enormous expectations of the environment or themselves, and of course everyone goes crazy, and this has not occurred to me. Great learning about this family. There is always some emergency that needs to be addressed when it comes to doing well. At first, you think you have to do it according to some other approved system, because you read a lot, you see how you do it, you get a lot of good advice, and if you do, things can be very different. I had to learn not to overdo myself, to walk in my own way. I had to realize that the most we could do was look at each other, and from that, we would know with certainty what to do. For example, the anesthesia didn't go the classic way, we tried it, but it didn't. Once I let go of this whole thing and accepted that my baby is lying down, after reading a fairy tale still needs to be massaged, and the much energy contained in it. Then, for example, ironing the tiny baby clothes came to a point where superhuman forces would have had to get everything neatly folded and folded, so we left behind the ironless clothes, but I spent more time. They all seem minor, and there are a number of such things that can be said, but there, in those situations, they appeared to be serious. Simply everyone else, everyone else is good, you have to trust yourself to make the right choice. When you start thinking about it, it's very liberating.

How does your timeline look now? How much does your child need from your day and how much work?

Leah is now 4 years old but has no classic schedule or routine, much more so "free routine" It is. If I leave for 3-4 days, I will stay home with my daddy. However, when you are away for several weeks, I also try to come home for a couple of days, but they come to me - just as I did in a 3 week trial in Brussels - for a week. And when we come home from a longer absence, we spend a couple of days together, skipping the ovis to fill the gap brought by the distance. As we live our lives, things are constantly happening to us, every day there is a problem to be solved, but fortunately we all bear it.

Do you have a conscience if you are not spending time with the child or just when you are with him, but you feel you should work?

I learned to always focus on where I am. At first, it was very tiring to perform well in my studio and at home, and to be able to participate in creative and creative work. Over time, I realized that when I'm with the kid, I just pay attention to it, and when I'm probby or lecturer, I concentrate with all my nerves, because it's just time for me to do what I want to do. I think in a healthy family, mom, dad and kid are enjoying themselves. Everyone has to do what they love, it can be work, and maternity, but most importantly, we give each other freedom, accept the other need, and respect it. For example, we could not work and just concentrate on parenting, but there are people who just mean happiness. There are no rules.

Was there a phrase that came into your life very motherly at some time during your difficult time?

I do not remember a particular sentence, but to this day it gives me a lot of strength to have a "mother". We were born together with my dancing friends, almost at the same time. Yeah, we're going through the same things all at the same time, so that I can talk to somebody who's going through exactly the same thing he's going through. Five years ago I wouldn't have thought I'd talk to someone over the phone about what kind of poop the kid was eating and what he was eating. I can't expect friends to listen to these topics with interest who are not in that position, but very reassuredthat there is someone I can talk to, we can reassure each other.

What did Motherhood bring to your work, creatively? Can you / do you want to transform your perceptions in some way in the productions you create?

It's all you cannot exclude yourself from the creation. He does anything, whatever happens to him, unintentionally gets into our work. Often, it only appears in subtleties, or just in thinking more responsibly, more comprehensively. Sometimes I can make a decision more accurately, more focused than I used to, or I am more direct, reacting more intensely to something. It gets in the way, I get better at tasks, I can do some things better on stage.

The traditional artistic frameworks showcase the productions of young creatives with the Trafу Contemporary Art House NEXTFESZT - Generation Y Festival, January 5th and 23rd. You also have created and danced this song in Remarks and Decameron. What are you pushing the borders for?

I think a little bit, along with my co-creators, about what the role of a creator or a choreographer means in a performance. It is important for us to involve the public from the beginning, without being distant between seeing and performing. We also work with two musicians in The Nudges and Dice, who will be actively active in the dance piece, which is even more unusual. And the Decameron is also very interesting to me because, as I was aware of during Prubb, I barely dance to the piece, even though I think it's an old-fashioned tбncelхadбs. It is important to me that we strengthen our presence on stage, in performances. That is exactly what these two performances are very powerful and dare of the lectures. I may well be raising my foot that night, but if I am not present to the hundredth, aesthetics are worth nothing.


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