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A true cross can be cross allergy

A true cross can be cross allergy

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We have the most allergic problems in late summer, mainly due to high levels of ragweed pollen in the atmosphere. In this case, besides the traditional coloring, certain foods can also cause complaints.

A true cross can be cross allergy

In addition to nasal itching, runny nose, nasal congestion, aching, wheezing, and after a few minutes of eating, you may experience uncomfortable, tongue-like or tongue-inducing symptoms. This syndrome is known as Oral Allergy Syndrome, which has a condition called so-called cross allergy. can be found in pollen and in some fruits and vegetablesmolecules with a similar chemical structure are based on a high degree of similarity to the so-called cross-allergy. Therefore, when consuming a particular food, a chemical that is related to pollen that causes allergies is also capable of inducing an allergic reaction locally in the oral mucosa of the oral cavity. In this case, locally histamine and other biologically active molecules are released, which may be caused by lip or tongue, tingling sensation or palsy. These symptoms are most бrtalmatlanok. Yes rarely, however, suffocation, shortness of breath, or, fortunately, in a very small number of cases, can develop a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). Most importantly, do not consume any allergenic food, especially during the pollen season. Symptoms are also associated with pollen concentrations, and are usually less frequent and less severe during the off-season. It is particularly important to avoid food that causes an allergic complaint if you have previously had a severe allergy symptom, such as difficulty in breathing, or possibly anaphylaxis. For example, we recommend that you heat the microwave oven for a short time before eating the food in question. This does not йrvйnyes the йs diу- mogyorуfйlйkre because pirнtott seeds бltalбban megtartjбk allergizбlу hatбsukat continuously picked is.A pollen season in sьtйs-pirнtбs ellenйre antiallergic gyуgyszerek (fхkйnt the ъgynevezett antihistamines which kaphatуk also manapsбg recipe nйlkьl) kivйdhetik or jelentхsen enyhнthetik cross allergy caused by symptoms. Longer-term prevention may also include the use of immunotherapy to eliminate pollen allergy. In those very rare cases where severe life-threatening anaphylaxis due to cross-allergy occurs, patients should have a life-saving effect similar to that of canola mucosa after hospitalization. This is assisted by cross-allergic specialist clinics.


Certain pollens are well-defined foods (especially fruits, vegetables) that can cause such allergies to a particular pollen. Very common ragweed allergies at the end of the summer include peaches, melons, cucumbers, zucchini, and some oilseeds.It is important to note that most of the pollen allergies do not have any of these complaints. Even in the case of most cross-allergies, just consuming one or a few fruits can cause a second complaint. In case of no complaints it may be necessary to diet. Of course, the complaint you chose was food it is advisable to omit the diet, and it is worth contacting an allergist.Examples of more common, known cross allergies (without the need for completeness):
parlagfы: peach, nectarine, melon (banana, pumpkin, banana, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, tomato, chamomile, sunflower seeds)
black umrm: yellow rape, parsley, celery, apple, kiwi, peanut, some spices (cumin, cumin, anise, coriander)
nyнrfa: apple, pear, kiwi, stone fruit (hazelnut, diу, almond, plum, cherry, cherry, peach, apricot), avocado, potato, tomato, red rape, celery, spinach
apple, pear, cherry, peach, almond, hazelnut, celery
fьvek: tomato, potato, rye, wheat, bean, pepper, lentil, soy, peanut, sauce, yeast, avocado, cumin
hбziporatka: rбkfйlesйgek


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