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5 common skin problems during pregnancy

5 common skin problems during pregnancy

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Shiny skin, cool hair and irresistible attractiveness - most of all, this is the look of a pregnant baby. However, there are less fortunate people who are sure to cope with different skin problems. What are these, and of course, what can be done against them?

During the pregnancy hormonal changes in our body also affect the skin, which can affect the pigmentation of the skin or the number of acne. Water retention (and increasing fatigue) can cause puffy circular grains, not to mention the increase in blood circulation. At least on the top of a woman, she develops some kind of skin problem during pregnancy. These are the most common.


Elevated estrogen and progesterone levels have an excitatory effect on so-called melanocytes, cells that produce the pigments responsible for the skin tone. The result is that the skin may have dark spots.What can we do about it?
The most important thing is to avoid sunlight and use the right strong shots. The sunlight can only make the spots even darker or cause hyper pigmentation. After giving birth or stopping breastfeeding, you can try skin-lightening creams, skin creams, or specialty cosmetic salons, microdermabrasion.It is also worth taking care of our skin during pregnancy


Dermatitis, a type of skin inflammation that mainly occurs on the face, can also be caused by hormonal changes. Symptoms include reddening, itching, dryness, sensitive sensation of the skin.What can we do about it?
It is advisable to consult a skin care specialist who may prescribe special anti-inflammatory creams. At home, you should use soothing, hypoallergenic cosmetics that contain no fragrance or coloring. Special agents used against rosacea can also help as they have a balancing effect on the skin's flow. We should also avoid alcoholic products and provide adequate protection. Also remember that inflammation can be triggered by certain foods (eg dairy products)!


Increased weight, hormonal changes, and increased blood circulation can result in more pressure on the veins, causing them to expand, enlarge, and cause red spots on the face.What can we do about it?
The red spots may flare up within 3-6 months after birth, even though they may disappear, but the stubborn changes can be treated with leather. laser method. Unfortunately, there is no really effective home remedy to this problem, but a good quality concealer can cover the red spots.


Progesterone can cause the skin to become leaner, increase sebum production, and reduce pores, which can also lead to the development of acne.What can we do about it?
After childbirth, when the body's previous hormonal balance is restored, acne usually disappears. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to wash your face regularly with a cleanser! However, do not overdo the rewards, because they will further stimulate the sebaceous glands! It is worth trying the cosmetics that contain sulfur, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. After stopping breastfeeding, we may target some more potent cosmetics, such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Of course, a severe acne is worth looking at as well as a beautician, and the beautician can also help with a clean treatment.

Fluffy, circular eyes

Poor circulation, dehydration and insomnia: These can all contribute to the development of dark circles, spines and bloating under the eyes.What can we do about it?
Calming, hydrating, refreshing eyelid polishes can reduce puffiness, eliminate tiny wrinkles, and brighten the area under the eyes. Don't expect immediate effect, so it's worth investing in a good quality proofreader. Cold is usually good for puffy eyes, so keep your eyeshadow in the refrigerator! At night, try to raise your head slightly to reduce your morning bloat and eat foods rich in vitamins that are indispensable for a beautiful skin. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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