This can cause the child to hear badly

This can cause the child to hear badly

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Thousands of newborn babies suffer from 3-4 hearing disorders. Among the causes may be genetic, some kind of dementia, or disease. Early detection of deafness is important.

This can cause the child to hear badly

Genetic causes

There are 50 percent genetic factors for congenital fibrosis. 90 percent of congenital fetuses are infants with a predisposition to fibrosis. However, 20 to 30 percent of congenital hearing loss is of unknown origin.

Causes before birth

Infection during pregnancy, eg. if a pregnant woman becomes rubella, herpes or syphilis, she has 5-10 percent of congenital hearing loss.
Premature babies have an increased risk of hearing loss. Pre-natal causes are responsible for 5-15 percent of baby's baby hearing loss.

Postpartum birth causes

Childhood infections are the most common cause of temporary dermatitis, but if left untreated can lead to permanent dermatitis. Hearing problems can also be caused by certain medications, eg. antibiotics.
10-20 percent of hearing loss can be traced back to postnatal causes.

Early detection is very important

Diarrhea is not easy to recognize in childhood, and parents are most likely to realize that their child has poor hearing. Your child's behavior may make you forget about your hearing. It is very important that you start treatment as early as you need it. The hearing of newborns can also be improved with special hearing aids.Related articles about hearing the child:
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