The top 10 food for baby

The top 10 food for baby

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There are plenty of healthy baby-friendly foods, but there are 10 that are especially useful for little ones. These 10 superfoods are full of essential nutrients, cheap and easy to prepare. Let's see what they are!

1. Bonya

The deep, bright blue berries are full of flavonoids called anthocyanin, which is very useful for the health of the baby's eyes, brain and urinary tract.Suggestion: Mix a quarter of a pinch of blueberries with a tablespoon of water, put in a microwave for 30 seconds, whisk, and then cool. Turn it over in a little yogurt.

2. Yogurt

Give her first 6 months. Yogurt strengthens the immune system, the brain and the heart. A great source of calcium and vitamin D, which contributes to bone and tooth health.

Variбld yogurt as you please

Suggestion: You can add yogurt on your own (you choose sugar free, natural yogurt) or mix it with apple puree, avocado or cereal. Try it with mandarin and banana.

3. Work

It also contains vitamin C and has a delicious, sweet taste, and ends well for the baby.Suggestion: Fill a half slice of the bowl with parmesan, a little chili spice and fry it. But it can also be a good variation if you taste it with coriander and chickpeas.

4. Lens

The lentils are very healthy, full of white and fiber, and one of the cheapest foods you can buy at any time. Suggestion: Mix the cooked lentils with different greens and rice and season as you like. Try the basil and oregano, but it also has a very harmonious taste with bay leaf.

5. Dark leafy greens

Leafy greens contain a lot of iron and folic acid. The nipple is the best known of these, but cabbage and kale are also good choices.Suggestion: Simmer, then fry the leafy greens and then mix with cereal flakes to give your baby an extra dose of iron. Examine the arabs.

6. Broccoli

All folic acid, fiber and calcium - this broccoli, also known for its anti-cancer effect.Suggestion: Simmer the broccoli, cut it into small pieces, then lower it a bit. Most babies like to be cold.

7. Avocado

Avocado contains unsaturated fats that your baby needs to develop his or her brain well.Suggestion: Mix the avocado with other food, try some, mix with cream cheese, apple or fish. But of course, you can give it to yourself: slice it and give it to your baby even when playing games.

8. Hъs

Yes, meat is one of the best foods you can give your baby. Exclusive zinc and iron boiling.Suggestion: Make some fun of it! Easy to cook, easy to scrub, and tastable in many ways. Just make sure you cook it soft enough so that your baby can easily tease it.

9. Prunes

Dried plums contain a lot of fiber, a miracle cure for constipation, which may need some nutrition after the introduction of solid foods. Suggestion: It is delicious on its own, but you can mix it with apple puree or cereal. In case of constipation, add 1-2 teaspoons of plum juice to the formula or a little skimmed milk.

10. Mandarin

Due to its high vitamin C and antioxidant content, tangerine is one of the coolest baby foods, and is very delicious, and is loved by every baby. Suggestion: Cut the mandarin slices into small bits so that the baby can easily grab them with your fingers. The source of the article is here.Other useful articles:
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