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Tick ​​ticks

Tick ​​ticks

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There is plenty of blueprint for ticks to be eliminated, while a poorly executed operation will only increase the risk of infection.

Tick ​​ticks

Most people remove ticks from their bodies before they can enter the body. The tick tends to carry infections less frequently, but as it is smaller than a millimeter, it is hardly noticeable. if the tick is lubricated with a genus, petroleum, you can breathe out slowly, and drowning in the same way can reintroduce infected blood into the victim's body, just as if you were trying to get your finger out or twist or squeeze it. In the latter case, the human being systematically pumps all the blood out of the animal's intestinal tract, and with it the mucous membranes. the rodents are in the stomach (potroh). The chitinous head as a foreign body rejects the skin after a few days, best not to get it dirty.Цsszefoglalva:
do not wind or push you have a stuck animal in your skin. With a steady, determined, slow build, you can professionally eliminate the parasite without crushing the potroh.Action plan in case of a drop
- Immediately remove the tick, don't wait for a doctor!
- Make a note of your time!
- Observe the tip area (skin size, shape) for at least five weeks!
- If you have a patch larger than 5 inches, consult a doctor or tick ambulance. - recommended by our specialist, dr. Lacrosse Andrbs candidate for doctor.More information:
  • Everything you need to know about ticks
  • What to watch out for during the tick season?


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