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Born to be born - is it possible? Videуval!

Born to be born - is it possible? Videуval!

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It helps to reduce menstrual complaints, facilitates conception, prepares for childbirth, relieves pain during numbness, accelerates childbirth, and aids in muscle regeneration. What is this? Well of course the belly button!

Your fertility is worth it

The stomach will rise above the circulatory system, of course, for almost all movements, but since the stomach is moved, the stomach is moved vigorously and permanently, including the female genitalia, and especially the genital organs. As a result, women find mening more regular, painless, and easier to get pregnant.
Originally, the Arabian Oriental dance was closely related to fertility. In Egypt, at weddings, it is still customary for a young couple to put their hands on the belly of a belly - expressing their desire for fertility.

The dance can also make it easier for the parent


Those who have been stomaching for a longer period of time should carry the baby more readily and be more conscious about childbirth. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and thighs, while the ring also relaxes the muscles.
The training of the lower abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles, and the female muscles helps us to stretch and release the right muscles during shorter periods of stress. The abdomen paid extra attention to bodily consciousness as well, moving some muscle groups indoors and out in parallel. For example, the chest is loose and the hips move tightly - and sometimes the abdomen is relaxed and rested while the arms, shoulder blades work hard, so the internal sensation is improved - and this is good baby!
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What is free, what can be?

This ancient form of exercise can be practiced in Hungary, even before and after childbirth in Hungary.
What to look for, what are the positive effects on women - says Vivien Malova, a student of abilities, and Vica Hazai, who presents the practices that are recommended for children.

However, you should exercise caution when exercising during the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage is still greater, and even during the weeks before birth, exercise caution. You need to avoid more vigorous movement, more vigor, and pressure, so as not to induce premature birth. However, it is certain that the hardened muscles, the strong control over the body, is beneficial in the extension phase. It is observed that the fetus also prefers wavy, rocking movement to oriental music, and the unborn child becomes silent, attentive and calm when listening to such music. And a 1-2 year old child should try to move to music.
If your mother is pregnant, you should not apply strong torso movements, shaking, but rather moving, rocking, wavy movements.
The stomach helps to maintain the desired weight, produces loose, liberated, hormone hormones, and gives the baby a sense that she is a woman.
In fact, the abdomen can be considered one of the smallest baby towers.

In the middle of a baby, you are in trouble

In ancient times, the birth ritual was a part of the song and dance. The szьlх nхt tбmogatу nхk group tбncolt, йs "showed" how the movements segнtenek vajъdбsban that the segнtik megfelelх lйgzйst the szьlйsi fбjdalmak enyhнtйsйt - rбadбsul juttattбk vajъdуt in a kind of hypnotic, transzбllapotba.

For the adventurous woman, comfortable, good movements: slow taper, crescent, eights. Lateral tilting of the tips can help the fetus to move in the right position and also to relax the gut when it becomes more intense. During expulsion, whole body debris can help the fetus to enter the birth canal more easily.

"In 1961, I met with the dancer Farab Firdoz after an act that aroused my interest in the belly, in particular, the slow movements of his belly, and his belly, that he had a close relationship. based on the natural movements of the birth and the butterfly, and they were parts of a religious ceremony a century ago. szьlх nх kцrьl tбncolt. This rituбlй jellegы tбncot the fйrfiak not nйzhettйk. the szertartбs sorбn йs the nхk йnekьkkel continuous mozgбsukkal hipnotizбljбk the szьlх nхt that utбnozza movements. This megkцnnyнti the szьlйst, йs csцkkenti йrzett the цsszehъzуdбsokkor fбjdalmat. Segнti the anyбt, not to work against contractions, but to do so The presence of women also provides spiritual support, reminding one another of their common destiny to have the same life experiences ... "- wrote Morocco (a New York City columnist) in the 1964 issue of Sexology.

After the birth

The stomach can continue after birth, Arabic mothers are up to 5 days after childbirth! But that does not mean that we should follow this pace. However, when you are pushing the need for a little movement, when you are not threatening the wounds (the abdomen or gums in the abdomen) with weak movement, you can start the movement gently by moving your arms back and loading. It is important to start with only those who have dreamed up before and during your pregnancy!
The stress on our joints and the stretching of our muscles can be carefully carried out as they take time to regenerate.
Animals also have a positive effect on the postnatal stomach: the mother can move out of the house with her child (even if she has to leave a little one), and the body is pleasant and intimate. It is excellent for stress relief and last but not least for breastfeeding!
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