The Tummy's Anesthetic: 5 Tips To Avoid Fighting With Your Baby

The Tummy's Anesthetic: 5 Tips To Avoid Fighting With Your Baby

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Many mothers remember nostalgic sighs for "old days" when they simply suckled their children. Instead, every night, the hua-wona goes when it comes to bedtime. What can we do?

If he doesn't want to sleep, he does all the tricks

We filmed the little toddler enough, stuffed his tummy with a healthy dinner, had an evening tale (three instead of two), and explained that he was about to rest now. We are looking forward to spending a bit of our adult time trying to push our bedtime off with newer and newer children.Actually, in the dark room, waiting for the dreamman to stand still not as big a job as building a tower on a couch. However, we have a few tips that can help make this challenging time of day smoother.

Suitable timing

It is important that always go to bed at the same time the small one, because it adopts its biological lamb, so if we are strict in it, it will be easier to sleep. Of course, if you find that day is lighter, more tired than usual, you can bring the evening routine (dinner, bath, fairy tale, sleep) earlier, but by no means just try to shorten the story completely.

Let's decide

Well, not everything, but in small things, you are safe! Let's stick to the evening routine itself, but let's you choose what games to play in your bathtub, what story to read to him, and let him turn off the lamp or drink that last glass of water. Always tell us what's coming next, like, "this is the last tale, and then we turn off the lamp, close your eyes and fall asleep." But once you've been warned, let us be consistentand let us not bargain. Being able to participate in the event with small decisions will gladly make you happy and confident that you will be much more obedient.

Get enough of us

We would do anything just to get the little space movement to sleep for a while, and we would also forget about our favorite book (so we crossed the street with Ur after we eliminated the ruins after dinner). However, we do not necessarily think that it is probably because you don't really spend quality time with it today.It is important to have it every day at least half of the ubiquitous gameswhen we look at it. If you do not get enough, it is not surprising if you do not want to turn on the light as soon as you go out of your room.

Let's lay down the games

It is also a good idea to lay your child's favorite teddy bear, baby doll, baby car in the middle of the evening routine. You can read a story to them and cover them up. This helps the little one understand that everyone goes to bed at night, and not only does he or she also relieve any anxiety.

Collect stickers

If you have a big cat kid, you might want to introduce a sticker collector. Explain to him that by putting together a sticker, you can spend it on a new toy or something you really want. Let's make a 10-column spreadsheet together on an A4 cardboard sheet, hanging it in a nice place to stay. If you succeed in completing the evening routine without believing it or timing, you can stick the first sticker on.Related articles in anesthesia:
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