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Baby is a baby

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Many babies' skins and whites look like yellowish tones a couple of days ago. In most cases, this yellowing is completely harmless and disappears without a trace in just a week.

Common in Newborns is yellowing

However, there may also be some abnormality, congenital or acquired disease in the background of the yellowing.

Fanni, the Rh baby

I worked in a children's department at a large Pest hospital. Fanni came from a Pest neighborhood nursery at the age of three. Her mother was still in the home. At first glance, how yellow the baby's skin is, the white of her eyes. Fortunately, he had no other problems. Laboratory blood tests revealed that antibodies in the blood that were produced by his mother's body could be detected in the blood. For the mother Rh-negatнv belonged to a blood group, but the child is Rh positive volt. During birth, Rh-positive blood cells from the fetus stimulate the mother's immune system to produce antibodies. These antibodies enter the fetus's bloodstream and begin to destroy its red blood cells. The hemoglobin released from these is broken down by the liver dye - which causes yellowing. Bile dyes, when they reach a certain level in the blood, damage the baby's nervous system. Fan bile dyes, also known as his bilirubin levels were so highthat he has fallen into the so-called dangerous zone. In such cases, the patient's blood must be changed rapidly to remove circulating antibodies and dangerous bile dyes. A small tube is placed in the newborn gift voucher. This is where the canned blood flows and the baby's own blood is drained through it.Fanika slept badly during the two-and-a-half procedure. By the end of the blood exchange, bilirubin levels had fallen back to normal, but began to rise again the following day. Then came the fйnyterбpia. Fanni was placed under a blue hemp lamp and given a solution of sugar in the form of an infusion. By the end of the three-day cycle, bilirubin levels had begun to decline, and the baby was 10 days old. completely healthy Luckily for you to go home.Fortunately, similar to Fanny today rarely occur due to the proliferation of anti-D globulin injections. If a Rh Negative woman is pregnant or has an abortion, she should receive this antibody within one to two days. With this treatment we can prevent the dangerous consequences of Rh incompatibility.

Sorghumpa, stt…

Durrika has a seven-day, very good bill. You can see it too, he has a loop on his arm, a loop on his thigh, and his face is beautifully round. But not only is her little cheek, but lately a more intense hue. Specifically, his nose, palms and soles became ocher. The reason for this is simple: Dhurrika likes it barbecue and the burgundy. His mother prepares her two or three times a week, one for the other. The yellow rape and the yellow color of the roes are given by their carotene content. Carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A, so it is important to consume sufficient amounts of it. THE too much carotene however, it can do well. For example, if you are taking too many bacarotene tablets, you may also experience symptoms of poisoning. The baby's carotenoid yellow skin is a cow completely harmless jelensйg. At most, it is worth considering whether to feed infants a little more variably.

Borika - her father's daughter

Barika, a barely a week old, was a lovely, well-developed baby. He was still wearing the usual mild hue, but he could hardly put his eyes on his eyes, suck well, move lively. After a dozen days, however, he still seemed yellow, even slightly pale, and bleeding, and a week later, it was clear by the next exam that there was really something wrong with him. By this time a lйpe I told my parents that I wanted to do some examinations to find out what's causing the pallor, the yellowing. I also asked if there was any co-morbid condition in the family. The young parents didn't know that. Then the mom turned to her husband, uncertain, "Your mom once told me that you had some sickness when you were little. They had surgery, you know, that end on your left side ..." So, helyйt. Seeing the distinctive scar below his left rib, I felt a bit like Sherlock Holmes when it came to his fate. I asked her to read her old final reports. It turned out that she had congenital hemorrhoids, szferocitуzisban suffer. The essence of this is the shape difference of the red blood cells. Blood cells normally refer to pastilles that are pressed in the middle. In spherocytosis, on the other hand, they are spherical, lacking in medial involvement. Such red blood cells are thinner, lighter in color.The stomach, whose main function is to break down the blood cells that have been broken down, is enlarged due to forced labor. The yellowing is caused by the accumulation of hemoglobin that is produced by the accumulation of abnormal bile dyes. The real problem, however, is the reduction in the number of blood corpuscles, the development of severe anemia. Daddy received blood many times during his infancy because of his anemia. Once he had completed his fifth life, he was taken out. (The enlarged lung itself accelerates the formation of red blood cells, so it is.) After that, it is completely fine. She almost forgot that she had ever been ill, but she shouldn't take her to work. In fact, those who have lost their spleen will be more prone to infections throughout their lives, as the spleen also plays an important role in the formation of immune cells against the mumps. That's why I called the young man's attention to the fact that if you freak out or notice any symptoms or other infections, you should definitely consult your home doctor - who has never been known before! - and ask for a vaccine against Pneumococcus. This vaccine protects against the most common pneumonia-causing bacteria, so whoever needs to have the decapitation, it is absolutely necessary to have a vaccine in a pediatric hospital. The diagnosis became what I was expecting: "congenital spherocytosis" - just like the dad Borika used to do she's been messing around. The baby will feel good and develop nicely afterwards, but due to his or her anemia, he or she will receive blood sooner or later. And t йv certainly for him as well it will have to be removed. But, by the time you grow up and have a baby, you have all the hope that even a surgical scar will remind you of the inconveniences of childhood. It is certainly not known whether your child is suffering from this disease.

Yolk from breast milk

He was beautiful, three, and half a kilo healthy New Year. At three days of age, like most babies, she became slightly tan. Since his bilirubin levels were not too high, he was released from the hospital on a Sunday. When I first visited my home, I found everything okay, except for the fact that the little boy they are always black It proved. I did some examinations. Fortunately, neither laboratory tests nor ultrasound indicated that he was ill. Later, however, the yellowing gradually began to decrease, then disappeared after a couple of weeks. It is rough yellow Breast milk caused! Every 200 breastfeeding babies usually develop this type of breast when certain constituents of breast milk temporarily stop it the development of bile dyes. The phenomenon is completely бrtalmatlan, and think for themselves for about five weeks.Related articles:
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