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Pregnancy: Termination of protection and employment practices

Pregnancy: Termination of protection and employment practices

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Many mothers don't know when or how to tell their employer that they are pregnant. It is not everywhere to bet that you can count on a worker for only a couple of months. Who has the protection against termination and how can it be lost?

Maternity protection is granted during pregnancy, maternity leave and child-care leave without pay. Also, women who participate in a flask program are not protected by the law during this time (or as the law says: within six months of starting this).
"Protection against dismissal means that the employee cannot terminate the employment relationship by terminating the contract. And it follows that you can terminate the employment with immediate effect - that is, when you are working during your probationary period - you have a substantial obligation to do so. " - clarifies your knowledge Dr. Marija Hajdu-Dudabs, labor law.
The practitioner also points out that if the mother or the father of a single parent, parent or child does not seek unpaid leave for the purpose of caring, he / she will be relieved of his / her right to terminate the employment relationship. In this case, the classic remarks are appropriate for dismissal. "There may be sufficient grounds for the employer not to have the necessary skills, qualifications, apprenticeships, or employment for the employed person".

Who has the protection against termination and how can it be lost?

According to the experiences of Dr. Hajdu-Dudabs Márria, in many cases, employees act unlawfully when they declare that they are pregnant. If бll the munkavбllalу under prуbaidх, elbocsбtjбk immediate hatбllyal its ellenйre that munkбltatу kцteles keep egyenlх bбnбsmуd elvйt the intйzkedйsei sorбn, tehбt not make undue megkьlцnbцztetйst the munkavбllalу gender, egйszsйgi бllapota, csalбdi бllapota, fogyatйkossбga, meggyхzхdйse or bбrmely egyйb position or otherwise your employment may be referred to the Equal Treatment Authority.
In such a case, the work is enough to foster a desire for harm (so, in the case of a expectant mother, that gender and maternity may have been differentiated). In such cases, the employer must prove that it was not for that reason that he terminated his employment relationship, but that it was justified by the nature or nature of the work and that his action was proportionate and lawful.
"The mбsik common megoldбs that fizetйs nйlkьli szabadsбg lejбrtбt kцvetхen not akarjбk tovбbb employ the kismamбt, idхkцzben бltalбban taken up by someone hatбrozatlan idхre, йs mindenkйppen employment kцzцs megegyezйssel tцrtйnх megszьntetйsйt kнvбnjбk kierхszakolni virtually 0 HUF" - mesйli the munkajogбsz, hozzбtйve that the number of litigation resulting from such problems is relatively high, but experience has shown that they rarely go to court, and most of them manage to settle them out of court.