Tips to help you deal with pre-school stress

Tips to help you deal with pre-school stress

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For many parents, starting school is the busiest time of the year. What can help you relieve tension?

Tips to Help You Overcome Pre-School StressAccording to OnePoll's survey, 60% of parents are so stressful at school that they are unable to sleep. With 2,000 parents raising 5-18 year olds, this is the most stressful time of the year for me. Parents who participated in the survey had the following problems: did their children (50%) go to the right teachers, did their children eat healthy food at school (44%), could they spend school supplies (40%), their children at school (40%) Before you feel very stressed or worried that you will soon be under stress before you start, here are some tips to help you get over your anxiety.

Leave time for the teachers as well

Unfortunately, it is often not up to the parent to decide who will be the child's teacher at school. However, if you hear any rumors from other parents about your child's future teaching, we recommend that you do not draw conclusions based on this, but take the time to get to know the teacher. Even though some kids may like teachers who aren't, wait until a little time passes in the new curriculum, and then ask your child what his or her day is going to look like. If after a few weeks some problems come to light, you should report them to the parent meeting. However, as long as you do not have a specific complaint against the teacher, you should not confront.

Gradually arrange school revenue

Ask in time for what your child will need in the next lesson and buy it gradually to start school so that you do not overload the family cashier at the same time. Keep track of where your products are, and try to get where you want them best. Also check out the online stores, which sometimes have bigger promotions than hypermarkets. And what your child does not need in the first 1-2 weeks is a good idea to get it after school, when it will be cheaper than just starting school.

Learn about school safety precautions

There is not much you can do in this area, but you have to go through the school's accident prevention protocols, safety measures, so you can be a little more relaxed knowing what's going to happen in case of trouble. Talk to your child about what to do if you are not feeling well or even safe, what to say to the teacher, and how to tell you.

Help your child learn the right social skills

In order for your children to be as open as possible to making friends, it is important to see that you also communicate kindly, openly with others, and talk to neighbors and friends. Engaging in activities such as music, sports, etc., after school or at school, can also help children find the cool sound easier with others - but only if they love it. Remember that even if your child is, you may still feel good in another company, like you: it may be much better for him to have 1-2 close friends than for a larger company, or vice versa. (VIA)Related links: