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"Breastfeeding but I can't put down the cigarette"

"Breastfeeding but I can't put down the cigarette"

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Many people do not even think about the health consequences of smoking, others are very clear about it, and they never quit smoking. But if you can't quit early, when is it worth it? Opinions differ.

"I've been smoking since I was 18, I don't smoke much, but I like to smoke, I think it's a ceremony," says Juli, 31, who gave birth to her second child in November. "His tears when I was pregnant with my first child, I was very scared, because I had no planned baby, I didn't count on it. I immediately put down my cigarette. I knew the consequences of smoking a cigarette.
Then, as I stopped breastfeeding, shaking my cigarette in the traffic shivering, I was so missed. I have been smoking since then, only a few weeks left when I was lying in the hospital with my second baby in the ninth month because of high blood pressure. I wanted to get down, but I wasn't able to. Of course, my doctor put his mouth to it, but even though I was nervous about the idea of ​​smoke-free, I didn't force myself to quit. Say, I've never smoked nose to mouth. Now that you are breastfeeding, one or two words a day, "the mother confesses. She agrees that the little boy was restless, cried a lot, as Juli says, a typical passive, smoky baby." . The first few weeks were very difficult. She's calmer by now, though a bit stomachy, but that's not the same nausea. I'm not nervous either, I have allowed myself the few beats I need to be balanced. "
Immediately after breastfeeding, the mother smokes a large cigarette and says she wants to get as little nicotine into breast milk as possible. "I know this is no excuse, but at least that's all I do. My son-in-law doesn't bother to do it, even though I told her early in the pregnancy that I was trying to quit, luckily she didn't ask.
My dad acknowledges, though he doesn't mind, I dare not tell my mom I smoke. Unfortunately, the couple is smoky too, we tried to hang it up once, but it failed. I take care of myself, I did not smoke in the middle of the street at all, lest they give birth. I can't buy nicotine again, and I think I don't want to. "

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The shorter it is, the harder it is

Mothers who carry their pregnancies and do not collect them in the ward for a few days after childbirth expose not only themselves but also their babies to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. "When I first visited one of my mothers after giving birth, I thought that the mother was impatient, nervous and the baby was blushing. It was better babбt '- meséli Kuruczné J. Linda Waterfalls, and adds that the mother was a heavy smoker, but despite the advice of the council, she was not able to quit with a bad habit during her pregnancy. "Quitting is also difficult in a balanced state of mind, let alone with a baby.
The baby was calmed down from the nicotine mother's milk and this was a short-term solution. Sometimes it is better to choose the lesser evil. After getting the hormones back together, getting to know each other again, you have to try the gradual quitting of both. Of course, it does not matter what a pregnant mother says, but it is also a great deal of perseverance, help and, if necessary, even medical attention when deciding to put a cigarette on her, "says the expert in the patient's office. 5-10 percent smokes.

Body contact instead of nicotine puncture

In the long run, it is by no means a solution if you reduce the symptoms of your newborn withdrawal by continuing to collect it, if only for a few words. "For the sake of the health of the baby, it is indeed necessary to go through a more difficult transition period when the little one is more anxious about nicotine withdrawal," he concludes. dr. Bense Tamбs Children's Crib. "Believe me, babies adapt in a relatively short period of time, and remember, you are always easier to get used to. You have to make sure that you are capable of doing it," the doctor adds.
"The rocking, the mother's closeness, has a calming effect on every baby. If it's hard to fall asleep, put it in a stroller or if you have a baby, let's drive with it. But the simplest thing is for the mother to lie on her bed, the baby to feel the heartbeat. The harmony of close body contact, one-on-one concentration is sure to soothe the baby. "
Many dohбnyzу woman You think you will buy a cigarette once you've got your way, even though dohбnyoskйnt it is much harder to get pregnant. "Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, the blood supply to the uterus is much weaker, which in turn makes it harder for the fertilized egg to adhere," says the nurse, who usually advises the baby to gradually increase. "Even if we do not smoke the cigarette all the way, we get less harmful substances," he adds.

Flask program with cigarette

Baba's 36-year-old, three-year-old wants to have a baby with her cub, going to a flask program. Not only did she spend a lot of her strength and time, but she also spent a lot of money on becoming a mother. THE cigarettбrуl but he has not given up. "Doctors at the first meeting always ask me to smoke, explain the harmful effects, advise me to put it down, and trust me in the decision. I know you are not good at it, but I don't think so. It's not an easy thing to do because I've been smoking cigarettes for about a year now, "I say, with a box half a day," confesses the young woman, who has now decided to try out her cigarette, to help.
"At the very least, you should drop your cigarette when you decide to have a baby," explains dr. Bense Tamбs. "This is important as well because nicotine withdrawal it tests the nervous system, causes restlessness, irritability, and a pregnant woman tends to be much more sensitive, so it is much harder to get a "sedative".
Smoking can make it very difficult for both mother and baby to become pregnant. Not to mention, we are putting our baby at risk when it comes to birth. The cigarettzó pregnant woman they are likely to give birth to 150 to 200 grams less weight and have a much higher risk of premature birth. With every single cigarette, the oxygen supply to the fetus is significantly reduced, with less calcium and less vitamin C.
Pregnant smokers' children are more likely to complain of vapor complaints, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. It is also noticeable that in their school years many people struggle with learning problems, lack of concentration. "

Böccsődei füst: The parents are not interested

"One third of the nursing mother smokes in our wilderness," we learned in a XXI. from a caregiver who worked in district worship. "It also happens that they collect in the area of ​​the institution, asking them not to do it there at the very least. to their stuff, "he added.
In worship, there was no mention of smoking cessation at parent meetings, but another caregiver in Chechnya said that there was a lot of organized talk in the cigar.
"We have three monthly interviews with dulcans, where we also call in experts who are also keen to respond to any inquiries that may arise," explains Netameth's care. "There is always another topic, and you have never been to the smoking room. Unfortunately, only a small number of those who take part in these events, who do not have a problem at all, do not care. talk to roula ".

"I was not asked to hang up"

Of course, there are many who manage to quit suffering in time. "I used to smoke as a teenager and smoke for thirteen years," says Krisztina Mohabsi, 34, a two-year-old boy, a mother of two and a mother of two. "But when I got pregnant, I was not asked to buy a cigarette. I just didn't collect more. It also helped that my job at that time did not have a rich community. I quit for eight months, "thinks Kriszti, whose first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and she never got used to cigarettes again.
"I don't want to be holy, I know how addictive I am because I smoked a lot. But I managed to put it down and I don't want to get back. I think I was lucky because I didn't want it so much during my pregnancy. when I felt it would be nice to collect, my brother smokes too, so I can go out on the terrace sometimes, but I do not consciously do it, and I shake it. "


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