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8 Weight Loss Related Doctors

8 Weight Loss Related Doctors

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A lot of people are getting into it just now: it's the bikini season, so you should get rid of it in the morning. But how? Do not fall for these fatherly beliefs!

We want to lose weight most of the time because of our cold. As fast as possible with the least amount of turns. We believe in miracle cures, trendy diets, and do not worry about their health consequences. And who do we listen to when you are losing weight? Celebs, models, fitness trainers, actresses and more. Not for doctors, even though they are the ones who know how our bodies work and know what we can really lose. Let's see the most common parental beliefs!

You are looking for a solution in miracles

You deal with consuming drugs and miracles that produce quick results, and you don't care about your health at all. You value more than you use. "With poor weight loss, your body is weakened, your metabolism is worse. If you succeed in losing weight, you may not be healthy and generally have more weight than you went down. dr. Farkas Kitti .

Carbohydrate is an antithesis

"It's a big mistake if you think you need to buy some nutrients yourself," warns dr. Farkas Kitti. "Neither carbohydrate, white, nor fat are anti-body. Your body needs all of them. Even if current trends are just one of the most recent. because of your muscles, you dare to use energy from carbohydrate and your brain works, and fat helps in the release of vitamins, hormone production and the functioning of the nervous system. "What Are The Most Common Weight Loss Beliefs?

As for diet, it is healthy

According to research, we consume more of the foods thought to be healthy. Do you convince yourself that choosing "diet" products is good for yourself? This is not true. "Your body needs some nutrient-rich foods and a varied diet" - Explains dr. Champion Йva obezitolуgus. "The overweight of diet foods is not the same, often with a higher amount of fat instead of carbohydrates."

All Free = Diet & Healthy

"Gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, etc. These foods have been invented for people who are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are not, you may lose yourself even if you are not," says Dr. Champion Йva.

You believe only the balance

"You need to lose weight. Because your balance is less, you may not have succeeded in losing weight. If you fast yourself, you will lose muscle, which, while showing less, will weaken your body," says dr. Farkas Kitti.

You're only doing the outside

According to Dr. Champion Éva, the ideal weight is not just about the outside. "Losing weight, if done right, also improves your health a great deal: it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers, loses weight, and cancer. is also good for self-confidence. "

You listen to someone you shouldn't

Thinking of a beauty question, you believe in bookkeepers, celebrity, actresses, rather than asking a really competent professional, a doctor. You need to rely on medical expertise because the specialist knows how the body works, knows what you can lose and what effect it has on you, and does not recommend a method that is harmful to your health.

You don't care about picking up a plus size wedge

What you want during pregnancy is what you want for a child. You must eat instead of two during your pregnancy - common beliefs. Dr. Vass Viktor Bellybathe, Diabetologist, Endocrinologist: "During pregnancy, ideal weight gain is not normal for women who are twin pregnant, but less than 9 years of age. Weight gain: In the first trimester, weight gain of 0.5 to 2 kg, if more than one kilo is likely to be due to excess calorie intake, should be addressed in the following table. "You may also be interested in:
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