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My kid doesn't eat meat!

My kid doesn't eat meat!

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Our children are versatile: there are some small meat eaters who have already gnawed on the chicken leg with their teeth, and there are jolly ones who smell the meat. They can still grow up healthy.

My kid doesn't eat meat!

Nutritionists' opinion on the equation: after six months one of the first diets to recommend the introduction of flesh into your baby's dietand because meat is considered to be the most useful source of iron. However, the inborn life reserves are slowly depleting in the second half of the year. The iron content of breast milk is low, but with very good efficiency, it is sure to satisfy the needs of exclusively breastfeeding babies up to six months of age. that it is numerically far from consuming sufficient iron content in food, nor iron deficient. Either there is not a very thin child who seems to eat nothing at all, or only a noticeable amount, and his parents are clamoring for the "bad luck", but he hasn't done anything lately. We really do not know exactly what can explain this phenomenon, but it is sure that it can make life easier for parents of small children. йrtйktelen Complete bust of sweets, desserts.

If you don't eat the meat

You can start out with that hs is one of the most important sources of whites. A small child needs about 16 grams of white a day for healthy development. That's about 70 grams of chicken breast. Similarly, high protein content of dairy products include cheeses, middlings and eggs. Even a single egg sandwich can cover your daily protein intake, especially if you are eating a little cheese. If your child does not eat milk, dairy products, In addition to providing adequate protein intake, they provide enough iron and plenty of different vitamins.

Sandwich with cashew dill, sunflower seeds or almonds

1. Sprinkle the seeds on a light oven and cook for 10 minutes in a little water.
2. Apply seeds to the seeds in April.
3. Season with whipped cream, fresh, chopped onion or garlic, tiny salt, fresh herbs, small spoonfuls of mustard, fresh lemon juice.
4. Stir well, adding two tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil, as needed, to lighten.

Seed balls of cashew seed, kernel seed, sunflower seed or almond seed

You can make it sweet and juicy. In the thick version, you can use the sandwich cream additions so that you sprinkle oatmeal to get a better shaped, smoother average ball.The sweet version is made of:
1. Sprinkle the seeds over a light layer and then cook them in fine detail.
2. Sprinkle some dried fruits in lightly floured or fresh fruit, such as apricots, plums, and raisins. Once it is soft, put it in the washing machine and wash it.
3. Stir in some lemon juice, oatmeal, and make small knobs. It is worth leaving a little before consuming. Another advantage of the balls is that the little one can put them in their mouths, and many people interpret this tendency with a much better passage.

After birth, babies also have recipes

Did you like this recipe? You may find similarities in the author's book, Renata W. Ungváry's Maternity Baby Kitchen Facebook page, which is worth checking in from time to time.
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