From now on, Instagram will not censor your birth photos

From now on, Instagram will not censor your birth photos

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You have reviewed your censorship policies on Instagram and in the future, you will not delete images shared by parents.

Parents appearing in the law, in the movies or in magazines, are usually far from the truth: the mum who is dressed is lying on the back (showing only the upper body), and she may eat a little fat. But in the real world, parents are much more diverse, crude, sophisticated and, to admit, more beautiful. Despite this, in the media so far, they have been censored very often, denigrated these images.Many people find photos of real births too raw (via)Fortunately, it seems that this policy is being reviewed and changed. As an Instagram fan told, "In the past few months, we've been working hard to develop new writing and pictures of birth, get space on our pages. " they admitted that they were sometimes too strict, and they were edited even if they were educational, artistic, or if they were only meant to be shared. In the future, we can assume that images of the parent or just breastfeeding will be allowed on their site, while pornographic or other photographs will be postponed.

Petnice has photographed the baby

The popular image sharing page has overhauled its principles because Katie Vigos dla started a collection of signatures so everyone could share their birth story, even with photos. "People have gotten tired of having to silence things so that the pictures, stories and stories that show the mother in the raw, are covered under the rug," she said. "It does no good to anyone. In the past few years there has been a growing demand to see the currency." "I've always been confused about the way we introduced babies in the media," he said. "I was aware of the boundaries I could not overcome in the media, but I wanted to go as far as I could to keep the rules in the middle. However, in 2015, Instagram chose a photo of a public exhibit that I was breastfeeding. It was a very serious step. "Vigos, with his Instagram Nicole Jackson Colavуval Marne Levinewho also insisted on "how important it is to support the maternal community on the site." "People have no idea that these women in positions of power, themselves mothers, have struggled to change their preferences," he said. (Via)Also worth reading:
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