Kecskemét County County Court

Kecskemét County County Court

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We receive a number of letters from our readers in Bács-Kiskun County, the main character of the stories is the Kecskemét Hospital. We were looking forward to meeting in person. (Let's look at February 2010 status.)

The usual picture is: old, typical hospital corridors, infectious arenas. Again, the 2008 land reform did not give, but rather took. But there is no cause for concern, as a successful unique application is due to be completed by 2012, with the birth of a new baby.

Dr. Béla Timisoara
Photo: Ujvбri Sбndor

"We can accomplish all the desires so fatherhood and rooming can be solved if anyone needs it," says dr. Béla Timisvárri Deputy Head of Department. - But our experience shows that all births require only about half of that of the father to be indoors, and a quarter of pregnant women take advantage of rooming-in. Even with a cupcake, the presence of the father can be solved, albeit on the other side of a glass wall, but eye contact, a cheeky smile, still means a lot to the mother.
At-risk pregnancies are covered in our pregnancy pathology, and we can solve the genetic abnormalities inside the house because we have our own cytogenetic lab. Secondary institutions, which include hospitals that provide primary care and clinics, are crippled by the need to cure bereaved or ill patients. We have a Neonatological Intensive Care Center, where we care for premature babies and problem babies, we do not have a child's disease, so we have to consult with the clinic in Szeged, and we can transport the little ones there. the latter with two or three beds and a private bathroom. The overwhelming majority of those in need of action would be in need of modernization, but by 2012 they do not want to spend on the old business. This also explains the lack of paid rooms. After birth, unlike the Hungarian average, pregnant women are released only on the fifth day, regardless of whether they were born on a natural birth or a cup.

Evelin has a nappy about Little Tam,
who came out on October 27, 2009
Photo: Ujvбri Sбndor

"By that time, the newborn will go through all the essential examinations to find out whether or not it will turn yellow," says Gulyab Jannosné Fvnvír. - During this time, the mammary gut and abdominal wound heal well, and milk selection begins. If the latter does not happen, we will help, as a dedicated guardian comes to the class daily and gives breastfeeding tips, not only in theory but also in practice showing the "catch".
- Unfortunately, the business we are in is not very attractive, I admit - concludes the interview with dr. Béla Timişoara - but we do our best to help our little ones feel safe. Our colleagues are members of several medical societies, and we place great emphasis on getting to know the latest methods, learning them, and providing a comfortable environment for a couple of years.Facts, figures
  • Number of births: Years between 2200 and 2300, with 29 percent cubic section.
  • Rooms: effective and double and triple rooms, total 31 beds.
  • Five bedrooms have a single bed, separated by a screen.
  • All of the living rooms can be accessed from the lightweight tools (ribbed wall, ball).
  • Central pregnancy care works every day in the hospital.
  • Three-time parenting courses are continuously launched.
  • Parental selection is possible among shift parents.
  • You can also choose from 24 children's rooming rooms in the baby class.