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We often feel that our lives are endlessly juggling, especially when we try to share our time and our attention with our children.

This is not an easy task. It is important for your child to make yourself more distinct from your brothers and sisters so that you can develop the right appreciation for your future. Laura Kauffman, according to a psychologist at Menlo Park in California, if a child does not feel that it is very special in his or her parents' eyes, it can affect his or her subsequent life. "These kids are less likely to follow the rules, and their parents will try to catch the attention in a less positive way: with brothers or sisters in a quarrel, a fight, or a problem in school " the expert explained.In our opinion, our goal was to bring unconditional love and attention to our children, with naturally clear limits and boundaries that make it possible for them to bear the burden of not paying attention for some inevitable reason. It also helps them learn when we can devote our full attention to them, and when they need to share it with others. It doesn't seem like a simple task, but it definitely deserves to be taught. Now we're going to show you 6 tricks how to make our children feel how special we are.

Make eye contact!

We tend to think that our child thinks we are listening to us while we listen to what he or she is saying, but in the meantime, we just send us a work email, but if we don't, You will feel that he is only ranked second. Therefore, if you want to talk to us the closest, let's put everything aside, stop taking what we're just doing, make eye contact with it, and focus our full attention. During the conversation, it is worthwhile asking him a few requests that you may be hearing from listening to what he is saying and being present. If we have an urgent need to keep our eyes on it shared, rather, let him know and talk to him when we can listen.

We spend time together every day!

Give yourself and your child every day time to spend together without interrupting anything else. You don't have to think too much about it, either 10-15 minutes a day is better than nothing. Discuss with your child what you want to do and turn off your phone for the time being, and turn off your light.


Also inquiring, caring inquiries are perfect for our child to feel, care for, and listen to. We quit the usual "What happened in kindergarten / school?" kйrdйsnйl, And let's get more specific: for example, asking about what was on their favorite show or what they did to their friends that day.

Let's create our own traditions!

Their own customs and traditions give a great opportunity to spending quality time with our child, And to be nice, keep our memories. For example, every Sunday morning we can cook a more special breakfast for the family, or spend one day each month on our child's favorite pastime. It can even work if you always bring your baby back with us, for example, if we go to the hairdresser to go somewhere with him, have a little fun together. These are the traditions the best ways to create a special parent-child relationship.

Let's show our sensors!

A kiss in the morning when you first meet, a good night before bedtime, the little things we can use to show our child that we love him. And if we aren't the type of trick we're familying with? Let's have a common, special handshake with each of our children, or a funny thanksgiving, all of which are tricks.

We are interested in what interests them too!

Of course, we're probably not going to be as excited about the latest collectible games as they are, but being interested in what our child is interested in is a great way to show our love. Let's listen as your favorite chaplain explains, And let's help her achieve her hobby. Not only do we have an interest in our child's favorite things, they not only assure them that we will support them, but will also feel important enough to spend valuable time with us. (VIA)You may also be interested in:
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